Mug Shot - Noodle/Pasta/Cous Cous - 3 for £1 @Asda

Mug Shot - Noodle/Pasta/Cous Cous - 3 for £1 @Asda

Found 29th Jan 2010
Mug Shot Noodle snack - spicy sweet 'n' sour (67g)
Mug Shot Noodle snack - chicken (54g)
Mug Shot Cous Cous chicken & mushrooms (70g)
Mug Shot Cous Cous tomato 'n' roast vegetable (70g)
Mug Shot Pasta snack - thai (55g)
Mug Shot Pasta snack - creamy cheese (68g)
Mug Shot Pasta snack - tomato and herb (64g)
Mug Shot Pasta snack - roast chicken (55g)
Mug Shot Minestrone soup (60g)
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these taste ace i am voting hottt
I use these while backpacking ... far more nutritional than a mug of coffee.

And ! they taste pretty good, especially on top of a wind swept hill
Ooh. Love the tomato and herb pasta one. Thanks. :thumbsup:
brought 1 on wesday to try but have not tryed it yet but it was something like 48p for 1 so this is hot
Was in asda yesterday and these are now 4 for £1.50
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