Mug Shot Sensations Mexican or Tandoori Rice reduced from £1.49 to £0.50 at Tesco and Asda

Mug Shot Sensations Mexican or Tandoori Rice reduced from £1.49 to £0.50 at Tesco and Asda

Found 7th Jan 2017
Good reduction but anyone tried these?

Mug Shot Sensation Thai Noodle 85g
Mug Shot Sensations Tomato 86g
Mug Shot Sensations Harissa 97g
Mug Shot Sensations Tandoori Rice 95g
Mug Shot Sensations Mexican Rice 95g
Mug Shot Sensations Mac Cheese 90g
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I love the Mexican rice! It's got a lot of flavour, and fairly spicy. I usually have a cooked chicken breast and some salad with one. Quick tasty lunch! Usually 85p in my local tesco. ( not seen or tasted the other flavour).
Great price. Going to have to stock up on these. Good lunch option for work every now and then

Mugshot are always great alternative to any Pot type noodles as they are low in fat.

I'd highly recommend Naked Noodles, which are also low in fat:…rch

They're on offer at 85p atm. All flavours are lovely.
thanks op might have to try them,sound nice.
I tried the mug shot noodle big ones the other day, the chilli con carne is lovely and they are 79p at the moment , well recommended

edited - no sorry just checked they've gone back up to full price in tesco
Edited by: "Teepeezee" 7th Jan 2017
Sainsburys have the packet version for 50p too
I like the mac & cheese with bacon flavoured crumb which is included in the offer. A nice quick snack and suitable for vegetarians. Good find, heat added.
Have been getting these for lunches at work and they're really good (except the macaroni cheese)
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