Mug with Egg £1.49 instore Morrisons-Twilight,Glee,Toy Story etc

Mug with Egg £1.49 instore Morrisons-Twilight,Glee,Toy Story etc

Found 18th Apr 2011Made hot 23rd Apr 2011
Was just in Morrisons in Harrow, Middx and noticed Easter eggs with a mug were reduced from £5 to £1.49. These were in a basket in another aisle, but in the main Easter Egg aisle there were loads on the shelf but the shelf edge label still said £5. All scanned at £1.49 so may be similar in other stores. Twilight Eclipse, Glee, Toy Story, Tinker Bell, Sponge Bob and Dr Who were the ones I saw.

thnaks to susancs on mse for the tip


Has anybody managed to pick them up for this price in Exeter?

I think £5 for one of these is a bit overpriced,. no wonder they are reduced.

I was at the one in palmers green and they werent this price.

They have had these in Home Bargains and B&M for the last month at £1.49.

hi where is morrisons in harrow???

Worst chocolate ever, but definitely worth it for the small mug. Bought a couple last year.


hi where is morrisons in harrow???

One near Queensbury station, one in Hatch End next to the Arts Centre, and a new one on the roundabout at Stirling Corner (I know these aren't all in Harrow, but they're the closest ones!)

I thought I was going mad and that i had missed the one in Harrow, looking forward to the new one being built there, less of a bus journey to get to one!!

These were also in 99p store last week in Harlow
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