Mugshots 2 for a £1.00 @ Spar

Mugshots 2 for a £1.00 @ Spar

Found 9th Jan 2015
Mugshots 2 for a £1 at Spar NI, not sure if offshore.
85p each


This is the correct link. Spar N.Ireland has different website.…p=2

I think these were 50p each in Asda last weekend, not sure if still that price now.

3 for a £1 in poundland

Still 50p in asda. The ones in cups where you only have to add water are also 50p. Got some yesterday

29p in Home Bargains too

The versions sold in budget stores like
Poundland, Home Bargains, etc are inferior to the ones sold in mainstream supermarkets. They are manufactured by the same company, Symingtons, for very different markets. Easily distinguishable as the premium product packaging has more defined printing and the words "Mug Shot" are printed in red. The budget products have fairly insipid printing and the words are printed in black.

The difference in flavours etc is quite marked.

I think it is quite underhand to be honest.
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