Mugshots pasta soups 5 for £2 ASDA online and in store

Mugshots pasta soups 5 for £2 ASDA online and in store

Found 9th Oct 2013
Mugshots on offer at ASDA any 5 for £2 great especially if you like them on slimming world usually 5 for £3, the offer is online and instore
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Home Bargains 33p each, Poundland and Poundworld 3 for £1.00 no brainer, no excuses...
actually you are wrong every excuse is need, as the ones you are referring too are not for people on who use slimming world as they are made differently and have different content thus the version you are qouting are synned and most of these ones arent so please dont misinform people when your no brainer is in fact WRONG so every reason to consider this deal actually.
Be aware that the Home Bargains ones are not the same as the ones at premium retailers even though they are manufactured by the Symingtons. For easy identification the budget packs have Mug Shots in black print and the premium product has the name in red. The packs on the budget products also look "washed out" as the packaging is more cheaply produced. Any one following Slimming World will have had this explained. It is all about choice but the budget ones are NOT the same as the premium ones. Personally, I think it is more than a bit naughty of the manufacturer to do this but they get away with it. I'd rather pay a wee bit extra to have a product which tastes better. Thanks OP. Good deal.
Snap Pablomozza!

Snap Pablomozza!

Indeed thank god for another person knowing and recognising cheaper isnt always the same quality or goodness value. sometimes you get what you pay for and the slimming world peeps will all agree every syn saved is a good step to another lb lost.
Calm down pablomazza, they were just commenting. There is no need to get defensive and tbf the post isnt specifically for sw users so nettle-warrior has every right to point out the cheaper options!
i'm not being defensive I am being informative correcting the poor information given by nette warrior, its people like you and nette warrior who put off / stop decent people posting deal cos they get shot down in flames by individual who have little or no idea what they are talking about and just because I express further comment does not mean I am not calm it means I know more than they do which on this site if usually the case, so I express more opinion simple !!!!!!!!!
For me ... it is simple. You have a choice - you can buy a premium product from one of the usual food retailers eg Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, etc or buy an inferior budget product for a few pence less at B & M, Home Bargains, etc. The taste and texture of the budget product is inferior to the premium product. It is sneaky that the manufacturer would choose to actually deceive customers into thinking they are getting a bargain when, in fact, the product is inferior. All you need to do is only buy the one with the RED print or, on point of principle, avoid altogether.
I do SW but i can see the views from all partys on this one cheap insent always best but if you try the cheaper one first you may like it !!
Modest too. Lol!
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