Muji Oldschool Linen Photo Albums £5 Back or White + £2.95 postage

Muji Oldschool Linen Photo Albums £5 Back or White + £2.95 postage

Found 11th Mar 2014
I have a lot of old family photos in a box on a shelf.
I have not got round to scanning them all.
I decided I'd go oldschool and put them in nice, real, cloudless photo albums for the nippers to look at. Bad 80s haircuts. Their mother with dubious men. Men in sailor suits. You know the sort of stuff.

This is slowology not fastology. These are not tablets. They do not require batteries. They are not quad core.

They might, however, require imagination and patience, which are qualities not exactly engendered by the high speed, always on, instant gratification culture we live in.

Oh look, I'm ranting

These were 20 quid, now £5, with inserts available to double their width for £2. I'm sure you could get cheaper but Muji tend to do nice stuff if you like minimalist Japanese hiaku-arama.
Oh look. I'm blathering on and making little sense.

You geddit I'm sure.

Cotton linen photo album
Black or White versions available
23 x 24 x 1.6cm
This handsome, hard cover, cotton linen photo album comes with 10 black self-adhesive pages, perfect for caring for and displaying your most precious photos.

(various other photo albums on site too...these are about the most expensive ones)
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I think this is a good idea, I know they take up space but the beauty of old photos is that they are "old photos" and not pics on discs...heat added for being a good parent
Best post of the day! And I love Muji, heat!
ta wendy. twins as well. survived the first 4 years.
Bargain, just ordered. Have some heat.
Was wondering what to do with 10yrs of photies - thanks for post, ordered
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