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Mulberry Monopoly Limited Edition Board Game - £75 @ Mulberry

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About this deal

Discover Mulberry's London with this bespoke new version of Monopoly. Founded in England in 1971, our first collection of leather accessories was made in Somerset and sold in London’s buzzing Portobello Market. Today the city is home to our design studios, while our factories are still found in the British countryside. Alongside these iconic locations, we’ve added some of our favourite London spots for culture, entertainment and, of course, shopping. We hope you enjoy playing - and winning - this special new Mulberry edition of MONOPOLY. Handbags at the ready? Go!

These are limited edition and not available regularly!!!!
Mulberry More details at Mulberry
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    Bizarrely, I think this has to be hot (for some people).
    OP is dead on - these are priced for £150+ on eBay. I have absolutely no idea why that is the case - seems mental - but for people that buy to resell on HUKD this is a genuine deal.
    Thank you, i was about to ask for this to be deleted as people are not liking it.
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    I got a few of these last year at this price, stored them away for the future resell. What people don't realise, is the last time this sold out. People went mad for it and they were selling for 1000's on resale.
    Really? Because what it looks like to me is that people are paying the retail price for it and no more than that..

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    This isn’t an offer, it’s full price
    I know hun but it’s available now and difficult to get hold off ebay sell them for double the price
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    The very definition of polishing a turd.
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    Don't mind the negative comments op, as long as you think something is a good deal it doesn't matter what others think
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    Good deal! Don't let the negative folks knock you down. They just out to say bad things to others in order to make them feel better about their own existence.
    Thank you for your kind words
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    Do you think Mulberry felt really special having their own Monopoly set. Then someone told them Poundland had a set too.
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    Thank you for posting
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    I bought one too.
    Going to stick it in the attic and sell it in 10 years.
    Hoping to fund the retirement.
    Thanks OP.
    Don't let them grind you down! (edited)
    Glad to see that you are taking a long term view of this as you won't be selling it a profit any time soon.
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    Thanks bought
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    Bought thanks OP. Definitely worth a go
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    Looks laughably expensive to me.

    Can the OP please explain how this is a deal.
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    Is it a fancier monopoly set where everything's made of nice quality sturdy materials or leather backed board etc (which would be good), or is it just a normal monopoly set with a massive logo on it (which would be bad)?