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Mulberry sale
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Mulberry sale
Mulberry sale is on, get discounts on different sizes/versions/colours of the Bayswater collection and others. Also discounts on mens' bags and wallets etc. Available online and i… Read more
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I've bought her about 10 of the damned things. Yet she moans about my collection of around 100 pairs of Adidas! Go figure :)


What great husbands we are.....Although I did send my wife a "hint" for one of their wallets 8)




If your looking for branded bags. Try Yoox as well.


Voted hot. Expensive bags, and luckily for my wife, it's me who pays for them.

Mulberry kite tote 70% off £295 at Mulberry Bicester Village Outlet store.
LocalLocalFound 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
Mulberry kite tote 70% off £295 at Mulberry Bicester Village Outlet store.
Not really money saving as the brand are very expensive to begin with. But if you are looking to buy Mulberry anyway a great saving. £995 original price to £295 at Bicester Village… Read more
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You should enquire in-store whether the item is ‘made for outlet’, as if it is, you’ll find subtle differences such as single stitch vs double stitch, different linings, hot glued etc... and also the item would therefore have NEVER sold anywhere but at the outlet so the RRP is fabricated based on the cost of the High Street version. Also, as a resident, I know the sales they advertise are the same promotions they’re running weeks before typical ‘sale days’ such as Boxing Day, Black Friday etc... - but unfortunately BV thrive on people’s ignorance to this, so just remember that the next time you think you’re getting a bargain! 😏


Any idea what the small bayswaters are for there? They are around £700 at the moment online. But still not a great discount.


Wow! Mulberry for £295 !! They cost more than that second hand. What a bargain 😃


Bicester village have the best deals during Boxing Day and most of the good stock has gone as I visited just a day later


I wish I lived close!! (shock)

Mulberry Sale now on!
Found 13th Jun 2017Found 13th Jun 2017
Mulberry Sale now on!
Mulberry sale on which includes men's bags (e.g. Antony Messenger, Chiltern Travel bag) and accessories (card/travel wallet), womenswear and women's bags. May not be… Read more
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I'm adding heat, thanks for posting


Any idea when the burberry sale is starting???


good discounts


Not sure why cold, I have 2 Mullberry handbags and they are gorgeous. better quality than my chanel. just because they are still expensive doesn't mean it's not a deal, we all like to save pennies If we can


It's not cheap junk from Next so will go cold here.

Mulberry Kite Tote Bag was £7500 now £3750 @ Mulberry
Found 26th Dec 2016Found 26th Dec 2016
Mulberry Kite Tote Bag was £7500 now £3750 @ Mulberry
Spring Summer 2016 introduces the Kite Tote. This innovative new style combines simplicity and practicality. Double-function pivoted handles allow you to carry the Kite in differen… Read more

50% saving goes cold. HUKD wow.


That's exactly what went through my mind.


think you would be better off buying at 15 quid bag and filling it with £3735 sure that would be much more appreciated.


Missed it :(


In a way I agree with you but think about those that want to save on buying a LG 4k OLED that appear on here so much.

Mulberry Sale in FULL
Found 26th Dec 2016Found 26th Dec 2016
Mulberry Sale in FULL
My previous post was posted before the full line up. Firstly Mulberry is not a cheap brand. Their products are literally top quality - at least as good as LV, Gucci, Prada and the … Read more

Heat from me. Bought the medium Darley purse in the tri colour yesterday, £325 down to £162. I'm very pleased with it :)


A real sale. Nice post. Have some heat


Some good reductions on classic styles. The 'oh the expense, what a rip off...blah blah blah' comments on these types of threads really are tiring.


​Oh please stop telling people how to spend their money. How do you know if someone has already donated??? I'm not being rude but if you earn it you spend it.


Just think of all the Scroats who spend their money on booze and fags for Christmas then get in debt buying their kids toys and presents they don't need .. If someone wishes to treat themselves on a nice handbag then it's nothing to do with me or you, I know plenty of people who have worked hard and aspired to purchase a mulberry bag. They give to charity just as others do. Don't get me wrong I think its crazy pricing but so what

Mulberry Sale
Found 25th Jun 2016Found 25th Jun 2016
Mulberry Sale
Mulberry is a top quality designer. I appreciate it won't be of use to everyone and I appreciate that £205 is a lot to pay for a purse. However - for this quality, it really is a … Read more

Just a heads up Harvey Nichols has half price on a few styles, The missus got a Roxana bag half price yesterday she seemed very pleased.. When the interest rates start rising I.ll wish she'd paid down on the mortgage than have a collection of quality leather


'I can't afford it so i'll vote cold' 99p tee shirt from Asda goes mega hot.


Hate what they have done to their label. The old Mulberry sign was much better


Very expensive but if it lasts you 20 years it's not such a bad deal i bought a leather Billy Bag wallet 10+ years ago i think it was a tenner and it's lasted very well all this time Not a fan of the wallet linked to however there are much nicer styles which are cheaper in the sale


Last you 6 months and look rubbish from the outset

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Mulberry Leather ipad sleeve £62 with free delivery from Mulberry.
Found 19th Jun 2016Found 19th Jun 2016
Mulberry Leather ipad sleeve £62 with free delivery from Mulberry.
Genuine leather Mulberry ipad mini sleeve. Probably fit other 8 inch tablets. Half price as usual £125 Also available in oak Brown as well Free delivery. Not everyone's cup … Read more

​good for you


​Yeah... It will always benefit someone so always worth posting. :)


Fair enough.


I posted a deal a while back for Mulberry and got damn cold. But a few thought it was a good deal. So it did help a few people.


If you're looking for Mulberry accessories you'd likely not be doing it on HUKD.

Mulberry Sale now on. image is the Bayswater £2475 from £4,950
Found 15th Jun 2016Found 15th Jun 2016
Mulberry Sale now on. image is the Bayswater £2475 from £4,950
Mulberry Sale is now on with some great savings if you are looking for a designer bag. Men's bags also included in the sale. Image Description A Mulberry icon, the Bayswater is a … Read more

It's a deal site regardless of whether you can afford it or not. So for that I give it a thumbs up!


Some good stuff :)


your bag probably an oem, made in the same factory as the real ones.


My wife AND her new boobs cost less than this


Made me smile , my 'Mulberry' bag was bought two and a half years ago in Tunisia for about £15 . Been used loads, still in perfect condition and I don't need to stress every time I use it in case it gets an accidental biro mark or the like on it. But then in my mind a well made bag is a well made bag, I picked mine because I liked the design , not because of the 'name'.

Mulberry sale now on
Found 15th Jun 2016Found 15th Jun 2016
Mulberry sale now on
Mulberry sale now on

Great deal £250 off the daria hobo. Genuine sale on luxury bags worth saving up for!


I could be a millionaire, but just tight, hence i am hukd lol


lol I just put that in another comment on the same item.


if anyone is a multi millionaire i doubt they'll be hunting hukd for bargains....


your having a laugh at these prices over 700 quid for a bag erm this ain't a deal unless your a multi millionaire and can afford this s**t

Mulberry Sale now on!
Found 26th Dec 2015Found 26th Dec 2015
Mulberry Sale now on!
The Mulberry sale is now on and there looks to be some decent savings across the range.

Yep, 30% off isn't bad at all


Just clicked on the link out of curiosity. £1k handbag reduced to £700!.......Bargain!!! oO


Ah crap, I never learn, just told my wife and she's on it!


Anything in particular?

Mulberry IPad Sleeve (iPad 1&2) Reduced from £165.00 to £30 @ Mulberry Outlet
Found 26th Sep 2015Found 26th Sep 2015
Mulberry IPad Sleeve (iPad 1&2) Reduced from £165.00 to £30 @ Mulberry Outlet
Mulberry iPad sleeve reduced to £30.00 in mulberry outlet stores. Originally £165. Yes its built to fit iPad 1&2 but does fit the air (albeit a little loose). Great deal for a … Read more

A few handbags in sale but not many. Final clearance at the back


Did you notice if they had a sale on the handbags whilst you were in there?


Not sure how to change title but apologies for no price! (Done on my mobile whilst walking)

Mulberry online sale!
Found 16th Jun 2015Found 16th Jun 2015
Mulberry online sale!
Reductions on selected Bayswater, Alexa, Lily, Cara, to name a few.

If you can afford it or save for it....what's the problem. Some people love alcohol or wife loves handbags. This is a deal sharing site...not a moral high ground.


Might have to add to my collection....


Comment People who can afford to spend £700 on a bag are entitled to spend their money how they want, it is not their sole responsibility to feed the world.


If you can afford it - why not? each to their own.


well if they must pay full price of course they wont be able to afford to eat. Thats what makes it a bargain, the poor can buy a bag for just £700 and have £200 left for food.

Mulberry Sale Now Live Online
Found 26th Dec 2014Found 26th Dec 2014
Mulberry Sale Now Live Online
Mulberry Sale now live online

Handbags are not my thing but heat added as I wouldn't bat an eyelid at spending a couple of grand on a mountain bike so for the ladies lucky enough to be able to afford one happy shopping!


Different location, not online, only local to some. Different deal!


the sale were much better in Bicester village as some tote bags were going for less than £300


Bought a Mulberry wallet 15 years ago and it is still n great shape top quality and lasts. Llike a good watch worth it... an item you will enjoy having for years


Expensive - Yes But if this is what people wanna spend their money on, then fair play to them .. this thread shouldn't be hijacked by people posting their displeasure and to ridicule people that buy these bags Our lass has one and worked hard to buy it - its no different to me spending loads of money on a TV, or a PS4 with games or audio equipment .. just hopefully she doesn't damage it and expect me to get her a replacement!! :p

Mulberry SALE - £480 off Alexa bag and more
Found 9th Jul 2014Found 9th Jul 2014
Mulberry SALE - £480 off Alexa bag and more
Loads of great bags and accessories on sale at Mulberry, up to half price! The Alexa bag has been reduced from £1200 to £770, plus there's great reductions on the popular Bayswate… Read more

not just any ol' cow has hide, needs to be an old one. one has to nurture that cow for many years, baby skin just aint tough enough. most of the cows we slaughter are mere babies. mulberry obviously nurture their stock lovingly until slice an dice. besides, london rentals are astronomical, half of the price of the bag is paid to the landlord. "i say ol' thing i found this lovely little artisan who makes bags" "artisan! are you mad. Only a brand will satisfy my egos need"


Mulberry Has Finally Realised Its Handbags Are Too Expensive however if you like these handbags then also check out Smythson's Sale.


A lot of envious folk on here. If you earn £100k does that mean you have to shop at Primark and Lidl? British business employing Britons and exporting throughout the world, what's not to love.


The whole point of this website is to find deals on products whether they are an overpriced brand or not. Can you find these bags for a better price or is this a good deal for THESE bags? its a good deal for these particular bags, hot from me!


there are load of people on the tube with beats headphones. still dont make them good value (or a 'deal') when they're a third off, as they're overpriced to begin with..... just like these handbags! just my opinion though. sale - Up to 40% off Mulberry Handbags
Found 12th Jun 2014Found 12th Jun 2014 sale - Up to 40% off Mulberry Handbags
online now mulberry official site bags heavily reduced Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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are we talking the leather and workmanship (made in the UK), or the aspirational value and smiles that come for free. what about advertising, marketing, promo stuff to celebritys, those full page spreads dont come for free. R&D, Tax dont get me wrong, I'd much prefer to go on holiday, others prefer new cars, others prefer smokes and drinks. We are all masters of our own destinys work hard and one day you will afford what you want. if you earn good money and its your one indulgence they are good value, especially compared to rival brands for which many of the bags quite simply look tacky..


The mark up on these bags are over 1000%. iPhone seems like a bargain compared to these.


Still too expensive for what it is


They have gone up 50% in two years! the missus has 5 or 6 now, quality wise. They usually fix or replace. The leather is excellent, but £900 for a bag I could buy half a mountain bike for that


Rippppp offff their new range has come in at over £1000. They are not selling. Hence the Sale. The new prices probably reflect the previous prices before they decided to hike up the price.

Mulberry online sale - includes Bayswater and Alexa
Found 27th Dec 2013Found 27th Dec 2013
Mulberry online sale - includes Bayswater and Alexa
For anyone who missed the Selfridges and John Lewis Mulberry sales... Mulberry sale online and instore - includes Bayswater and Alexa

Have given in and joined the man bag gang. Can't believe I spent that much on a bag. I should be shot.


lol jk sorry :*


My mistake I didn't realise they did so many sales...guess I've never looked on their site that often to know as it's out of my price range


I got a lovely overbag in the sale last year for £495 down from £895. I have been using in almost everyday and it's still in perfect condition. The quality far exceeds the price of these bags, they are built to last. If you are thinking of buying one then it's worth making a trip in store and speaking to a shop assistant as they don't keep everything out on the shelves during the sale.


What is the Freddie mens bag like? £350 is a lot but 1/2 price

Mulberry sale now on
Found 15th Jun 2013Found 15th Jun 2013
Mulberry sale now on
Selected ladies and mens bags, wallets and accessories on sale from official Mulberry website. From previous sales, I know certain popular items are not there long. Not every… Read more

I'm not going to further embarrass you by listing the bags I own, I think you've done that enough yourself. I literally cringed at your comment. You made it quite clear which category YOU fall into.


It would be better if you could at least get on the site. Can't believe its nit working have to keep trying :-(


I don't think the quality is anything special, daughter bought another one recently, she was lucky as store had an additional 20% discount as well as half price offer. if her aunt hadn't of been on holiday she would of got another 20% staff discount as well, but they all sold as they were put out on show, Next time she has told her aunt to plan her hols more wisely, lol


you either have it or you havnt - let me guess which category you fall into


Misterboumsong The feeble, embarrassingly fake attempt at bragging made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the entertainment.

Support the UK Economy: Mulberry Sale started 'the travel day bag' half price now £550
Found 16th Jun 2012Found 16th Jun 2012
Support the UK Economy: Mulberry Sale started 'the travel day bag' half price now £550
every blokes worst nightmare the mulberry sale has started hide the wifes credit cards.. although we need to spend our way out of this recession note postage is a tenner, which s… Read more
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That remark is quite unacceptable, not to mention immature.


Voted hot as I bought mine on Saturday :)


Which bags are half price?


Strange way to spell "bullsh*t"


lol Some people smoke others drink others take drugs others binge eat Insecure people buy shoes and handbags .. Maybe they like shoes or handbags I like to travel alot am I incomplete , unstable

Mulberry Sale - Handbags, Wallets and Shoes upto around 50% off @
Found 24th Dec 2011Found 24th Dec 2011
Mulberry Sale - Handbags, Wallets and Shoes upto around 50% off @
The sale has started today.

OMG! Even at sale price I still can't part with £1250 for a gorgeous handbag that I am TOTALLY sure I DO need....

Mulberry Zodiac Keyrings - Were £60 + £6.50 P+P  - NOW ONLY £18 + £6.50 P+P
Found 22nd Jul 2009Found 22nd Jul 2009
Mulberry Zodiac Keyrings - Were £60 + £6.50 P+P - NOW ONLY £18 + £6.50 P+P
Saw these in my local House of Fraser at the weekend. I had no idea what my wifes star sign was, so went back on Monday after finding out and they'd sold out. ;-( Then thought I'd… Read more
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The first 2 have arrived, and I really like them, so I've order one for the spare set of car keys, one for another sister-in-law and one for a friend.


That is Mental......for a keyring!!:w00t:


Great company with some quality products, great price too


Yeah, these are really nice.


nice stuff from mulberry,,,