Muller Amore Walnut & Greek Honey or Spanish Orange Yoghurt 5 for £1 at Tesco

Muller Amore Walnut & Greek Honey or Spanish Orange Yoghurt 5 for £1 at Tesco

Found 2nd May 2009
For all Muler Amore fans, as title says, either the Orange or the super-yummy if ever-so-naughty Walnut and Greek Honey yoghurts 5 for a quid at Tesco. 240 Calories a pop - ouch!
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MMMmmmm I love these
my favesssssss
i bought some of these this afternoon i hope they're nice
Strawberry too
i loooooooooooveeee the walnut and greek, my favourite one of all. my daughter loves the choc and vanilla hope thats on offer, will have a look in store. thanks for posting. heat and rep added.
cool avatar pic kingy58..
your best bet would be to go in the morning before 11, you will get the whole range to chose from....
Love the orange ones:thumbsup:
Great price.
240 calories a pot...jeez
So much for healthy yoghurts! lol
These are amazing yoghurts!
truly lovely
Proving too popular in Newton Aycliffe Yesterday!
Only 1 flavour of Amore on the shelves and 5 Corner flavours left. Still bought though!!!

Great price.240 calories a pot...jeezSo much for healthy yoghurts! lol

and absolutely loads of sugar in each one, I couldn't believe it! Nice tho.
i bought 10. i love the walnut one.
It was not there yesterday in Tesco Reading.
They were giving these out free at the Grand Designs show this week they are soooo nice!
sounds nice HOT
much better than the morrisons deal they are doing 3 for a quid..
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