Muller Corners 6 pack £2.90 - 2 for £3.00 @ Morrisons

Muller Corners 6 pack £2.90 - 2 for £3.00 @ Morrisons

Found 16th Nov 2009Made hot 29th Nov 2009
In addition to other Morrisons deals folk have posted there is also the 6 pack of Muller Corners costing £2.90 each but 2 packs for £3.00. Apologies if it has been listed but couldn't see it and think it only started today. Not sure if nationwide but in my local Morrisons in Edinburgh.


works out to be the same as 4 for £1.00 for the indivdual pots of corners and mullerlights, at asda and you get to choose the flavours. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm banana custard

they werent on offer when i went in this morning!!!

Loved corners until my youngest wanted the rice pots. Now converted onto them:whistling:

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I know it does work out the same but Asda too far for me and I keep dropping the individual ones everywhere..........

These weren't on offer this morning in my local Morrisons. Shame because my son loves them!

Asda are selling these at 20p each

These are no longer on offer at Asda ... well, not at the High Wycombe branch, anyway.

Same in mine, Folkestone, Kent.

Advertised as this by the entrance on a poster, but no mention of it on the product shelf. Scanned in and discount applied, yummy :-D

Hot! Will be sure to stock up tomorrow.

These have been on offer since last week in my local and it finished next Sunday I think.
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