Muller Corners 8 for £2 at Asda

Muller Corners 8 for £2 at Asda

Found 16th Feb 2010Made hot 17th Feb 2010
Was in Asda today and noticed the Muller Corners are on 8 for £2 starting from today. Normally 53p each.

They do have offers on the multi packs from time to time but I personally think this is a better offer as at least you can pick all your favourites for 25p each.


The 6 packs are 2 for a fiver so this is a better deal. Just got myself some, inc the Bio ones and Ltd Edition :-D

also asda ex special yogs in this offer

ta fo the heads up.. great timing as sainsbury's just ended theire offer a week ago

Voted hot good price , but really is what they should be. I still prefer the Nom ones from morrisons , but this is a good deal.

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but really is what they should be.

I fully agree with you, 25p per pot is the right price IMHO. I only ever buy them when they are at that pricepoint or, although rare, a bit less.

BTW if you like the Nom ones (and I do too) Farmfoods were doing 5 for £1 last week when I popped in there.

Thanks looks like ill be popping to farmfoods


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regular price IS overpriced, this makes them worth getting

Yes, I agree not worth paying more than 25p per pot, sometimes I buy the bigger 500g pots of yoghurt as they work out cheaper than buying individual pots and it saves the environment. Also I like that this is full of fat and does not have a lot of artifical ingredients.

Also available from Tesco who are supporting the next war against Iran so please buy from Tesco and maybe the price of oil will come down when Iran is bombed to bits and 1-2 million are killed, but as Madeline Albright said "it's worth it".
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