Muller Rice 180g - 4 for £1 at Co-Op

Muller Rice 180g - 4 for £1 at Co-Op

Found 17th Mar 2015
4 pack of Muller Rice for £1 in the Co-Op - Original and Strawberry but I believe there was another flavour too I just can't think which one!



Yes, I've been buying these, they are lush

is this nationwide then?

same price in co-op near me

Fully agree very lush original is the best favour

Salted caramel lovely, but won't be in this offer.

You can get all flavours in a 10 for £3 deal in Asda. Not quite as good value, but you can choose Salted Caramel (the best flavour) or other awesome flavours

also 4 for £1 in Morrisons

love them so much!!!

Blimey, are these only 180g now? They used to be 200g a pot not so many years ago when I used to buy them.

Same amount of sugar as a can of coke
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