Mullerlight yoghurts 4 for £1 @ Waitrose

Mullerlight yoghurts 4 for £1 @ Waitrose

Found 21st Jan 2009Made hot 21st Jan 2009
Waitrose are doing Mullerlight yoghurts 54p each or 4 for £1 which is great value for these (25p each).

All flavours included in the offer.


I'm sure I saw Muller Light yoghurts in Asda or Tesco about a year ago that weren't on special offer

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Yeah but they are usually 4 for £2, i buy them every week, this is by far the cheapest i have seen them in a good while.

Sorry Mole, only joking, it's a good deal + heat added

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Hehe i know you were kidding and they are on offer a lot, i am careful about what i post here as most deals just get shot down no matter what, somebody will find something to moan about.

Cheers for the heat.

same price in sainsburys. nectar points aswell

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same price in sainsburys. nectar points aswell

Thought they were bogof at 54p making them 4 for £1.08. With the credit crunch that 8p could come in handy lol.

same offer in my local sainsburys!

mmmmmm they are doing the new chocolate ones now - and they are free on the Slimming World plan!! yummy!

The 4 for a £1 offer in my sainsbury was limited to the strawberry, toffee, vanila and cherry flavours.

So this offer sounds better
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