Multi-function Barking Lamp just over a tenner delivered £11.69 @ Focal Price
Multi-function Barking Lamp just over a tenner delivered £11.69 @ Focal Price

Multi-function Barking Lamp just over a tenner delivered £11.69 @ Focal Price

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* Streamline design and fashion lighting effect (diamonds shape), add driving fun and improve caution behind.
* Lots of high brightness LED as lamp house.
* 5 ways of lighting indication running, braking, left/right turning reversing.
* Save power consumption, power is only 2-3 W.
* Adopt SMT production techinics, steady quality.
* Connecting simply: according to indication on tag, connect down-lead with the portal plug of junction box of car tail.
* Adjustable installation angle and height.
* Flexibility fixed way: to fix by original screws ad stick by double-sides adhesives.
* Only available for DC 12V vehicles.

Product Details:
weight: 268 g
szie: 37.5*13.5*5.3 cm

Pack including:
1 ?High Place Multi-function Barking Lamp


a lamp that barks
i want one now

I had to look twice - Barking lamp hee hee

what do they do ?? what are they ??

Looks interesting... where are these shipped from? :thinking:

I'm not sure if the blue flashing lights are road legal in the UK. :?

That's just cool. You come to a junction and your car starts BARKING!! LOL. HOT!!

And as a bonus, if you exceed the speed limit. it'll start howling. :-D


ive definetly had too much vodka havent i?


ive definetly had too much vodka havent i?


me too!


It even says it on the website..Very dodgy..Wouldn't touch this deal myself the site looks dodgy..

And the lamp goes woof?

Lol. Honestly mate, change the tittle. I thought it was some funky gadget from play or something similiar.

I have got a major problem with a neighbour's barking dog at the moment. When I saw the title I wanted to get one so I could leave it on every time I go out and he will know what I go through.

Ah well, back to the drawing board!

THAT IS ABSOULUTELY HILARIOUS! Where are the usual posters who pounce on threads like these? Im surprised & glad noone had made the correction yet......

Classic, even the tag has barking? The description on the site is worth a read, must be barking mad! :-D

This thread has gone to the dogs. :? ;-)

You would have to be barking to miss this deal.

I had to send mine back, cos it kept chasing cyclists :whistling:

:w00f: :w00f: :prop:

no problems with this site, i know loads of people who have used them. Theyre similar to deal extreme, so hong kong based, so they dont pay tax etc, thus why they can sell things cheaper then you would ever see here!

One more good reason for the cops to pull u over, besides your blue tinted side light bulbs, exhaust dragging on the floor because your lowered your car that much the 20inch rims are rubbing on the arch's and you cant see out the tinted windows, all in your 1 litre Saxo

Whatever next
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