Multi Purpose Compost only 99p @ 99PStores

Multi Purpose Compost only 99p @ 99PStores

Found 16th Jul 2010
Just bought a bag (actually 2) of multipurpose compost from 99p stores.
Guess what a bag is only 99p.

I have added link to their site - but offer not on their yet. But I have found them today in Poole store, so reckon they must be new. Get down their and bag yourself a bargain


How much many litres of compost do you get for 99p? Would help so we know if it's a good deal or not.

Not voting hot or cold yet.

Have used this compost before, and if it's the size I think (i.e. not a large bag), and the same quality, it's not worth it. Much better to spend more on good quality compost to give your plants the best chance of growing well. I used a lot of cheap compost last year and was quite disappointed with the results, doesn't hold water well and has quite a lot of wood chipping and filling stuff compared to others.
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