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Multi-purpose Grater from Lidl £5.99
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Multi-purpose Grater from Lidl £5.99

Posted 3rd Sep 2009

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Multi-purpose Grater

For shredding, grating and slicing
With stainless steel blades for shredding, grating or slicing
Includes 3 interchangeable blades
With finger guard
Adjustable slice thickness.
Next lowest available price 7.99 in ebay.
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great for trimming your finger nails quickly followed by your finger … great for trimming your finger nails quickly followed by your finger tipsVoted dangerous

what are you 5 years old:?

voted hot
JML Slicer Dicer for the win. Got this for my mum as a b-day present. I use it more than her lol.

Anyway back to the deal sound a decent price so heat added.

No! but unlike you i don't live in a world where accidents never happen

ITS A GRATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use common sense!!!!! What do you not use a kitchen knife in case you slice your hand off :roll::roll:
maybe you dont cross roads either in case a car knocks you down lol

if a kid see's a knife the blade is clear to see, with this its hidden so … if a kid see's a knife the blade is clear to see, with this its hidden so if you pick it up face down and put your fingers round it :whistling:

am sorry but either your not a parent or your just being daft. Kitchens are full of hazards are they not??? I have at least a dozen knives - but as a mum to a young boy, its my job to make sure potential hazards are way out of his reach. I can hardly call a grater DANGEROUS!!!!!

I have an electric knife which I use regularly, but once used is put safely back in its box. I also use a sharp carving knife most Sundays, but once used is put safely back out of reach...............COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!

this is a good deal! and for you to "vote dangerous" is just ridiculous!!

oops my mistake i thought it was one of those v-blade things lol

we all make mistakes...................and obviously a lot in your kitchen.
This is a very good deal. I've seen them selling on TV for £29.99. Mind you, that does include a pointless utensil for making spirally cucumbers.
Can I ask you - Whats the point - do you leave sharp kitchen knives or things like that in your kitchen when there are kids around?


Well there you go then............................:)
WW3 about a grater, come on guys
OK, I'm a man so I'm going to ask the silly question, "don't you get a plastic grip 'thingy' with prongs you stab the item you want to slice into it, then use that so you dont put your fingers or nails anywhere near the blades?". Seems all ones I've seen have this and you just hold that and move it back and forth over the blade. OK, shoot me down ... ready, set, GO!
Concur with the voted dangerous - I lost the end of my little pinky to one of these babys about 20 years ago.

Remember to keep your fingers inside the holder thingy...

But, hot - I'm gonna get myself another - teach my kids now how to make crisps (without the blood flavouring).
These are £4.99 instore at Dunlelm
Don't put it in the soapy water then! Jeez it's a grater not a nail bomb
You know the sort of place I live from my tiny observation? Actually I haven't got a neighbour within walking distance, but you were accurate with 'estate'

Get a grip, don't react to mild criticism with insults based on facts you could only make up. It's a grater. Your soapy water problem is pathetic, as are you.
I didn't buy a grater! I come here to read the insults of little pilot lights who have lost their way like you ratboy.
Oh dear
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