multi-savings with octopus travel and nectar points
multi-savings with octopus travel and nectar points

multi-savings with octopus travel and nectar points

Anyone who has nectar points knows that you can use some of the points and get discount on hotels on octopustravel (used to be used by easyjet for their hotel bookings). Well now there is a special offer on with nectar at the moment, which gives you 2 savings, plus there is a hidden way to get more savings.
The details of the offer is that rather than having to use 2000 points to get 15% off hotel bookings, you only need to use 1000 points. I've tested the discounts and there are genuine savings between going directly to the octopus website, and going in thru nectar. The 2nd advertised saving is that once you've done your discounted booking, if you send them an email, there is a £20 cashback to your credit/switch card.

And heres the secret saving. There is nothing in the terms and conditions which states that you can't use the offer more than once. So if you need a room for 3 nights, do three separate bookings, and then on EACH booking claim £20 cashback ! Ok, it'll cost you an extra 1000 nectar points for each booking, but thats small change compared to the £20 discount.

I've just booked the 5* concorde hotel in Berlin for 2 nights. Going straight to the octopus travel site, it would have cost £251 inc breakfast. Using the advertised and hidden savings above, I got it for £140. Thats a combined saving of £144, for 2000 netar points ! As a comparison you get £2.50 off products in Argos for every 500 nectar points !

(combined saving should of course be £111 not £144....bad maths by me.

- hotdealsuk

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