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Posted 18 January 2023

Multi-tool With 12 Functions - £12.74 Sold by haixinchen-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon

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Think most males would love this just to play with on the sofa.

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  • 🎁 [Unique Gifts for Men ] - BIIB tool hammer with 12 functions including the most useful tools in daily life. This unique design is a perfect choice for gift for men, Fathers Day gifts for dad, Birthday gifts for him, Valentines gifts for him, Christmas gifts stocking fillers for men.
  • 🔨 [ 12 in 1 Multi-Tool ] - It contains 12 functions in one. Suitable for most scenarios, its rich features are sure to help you when you need a tool.
  • 🔨 [ Portable & Convenient ] - The size is only 13.5cm with a portable and easy-to-carry nylon case. It can fit in a backpack, pocket or car without taking up a lot of space, and can be of great use for hiking and camping, as well as at home.
  • 🔨 [ Built Tough] - BIIB Multi-Tool has many uses and is the smartest and most compact tool in its class. It is made of lightweight but very strong 420 stainless steel, which is very strong and reliable. Perfect for outdoor camping, home repair, DIY, and more.
  • 🌈 [Quality Assurance] - We will carefully check each product to ensure you receive the perfect product. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us, we will definitely solve it for you.

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Nice find OP, good price!

From the Manufacturer -

Great Gift Ideas
BIIB 12 in 1 Multi-tool is a very cool gadget and also very practical. With a nice packaging box, it is definitely a good choice for gifts.

  • Cool gagets for men, mechanics, plumber, DIYers, craftsman, handyman, fishing men etc.
  • Fathers Day gifts for men/dad/grandpa
  • Birthday gifts for him/dad/mom/husband/friends
  • Christmas gifts for men/women stocking fillers
  • Valentines gifts for him/her

Made of high quality stainless steel, equipped with black oxidation process, durable and rustproof.

The supplied protective cover can be taken with you.

TipsWhen you receive the product, if there is a small amount of lubricating oil on the surface of the product, this is a normal phenomenon and is specially added to prevent moisture rusting. Wipe clean for normal use.

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    Good reviews. Thanks
    I wouldn't trust reviews on this item to not be fake. I used to do some paid reviews for a very similar brand on Amazon. From what I could tell the person who arranged reviews with me was managing multiple brands on Amazon. All of them used this similar looking orange and black packaging, all were selling the same tools with different logos.
  2. Avatar
    UK knife law is in principle simple in relation to UK "legal" and "UK friendly" knives. Namely a folding knife that is both non-locking and has a cutting edge of 7.6cm (3 inches) or less can be carried in a public space without the need to give a reason.
    A knife with a blade greater than 3" or that has a locking mechanism can be carried only with good reason, i.e for work, for religious reasons, or as part of any national costume.
    However, a UK friendly knife will of course be treated as an offensive weapon if it is used in that context.
    Lastly, common sense tells you that plod are not going to be concerned about a law abiding citizen making their way to/from work with a multi tool (c/w locking blade), but they will be interested if that same person is stumbling out of a night club with it at 3am.
    Hennie Haynes are a very good starting point for anyone needing an EDC (every day carry) that does not fall foul of any UK knife laws. (edited)
    "For religious reasons" is very sketchy. I suppose if you've got a sacrificial lamb under my arm you could get away with it.
  3. Avatar
    If the blade locks then this will be illigal to take outside.
    no, only if blade is over 3 inches in length

    • Subsection 2: This law doesn’t apply to non-locking folding blades measuring under 3 inches. It means that the Victorinox Swiss Army knife your grandpa bought you when you were 12 is fine. However, any knife where the blade can’t simply fold away is not That covers most good knives, as locking is usually an important safety feature.
  4. Avatar
    Great well known brand, this'll last years
    Given the numerous other "brands" selling exactly the same thing, I am guessing that was tongue in cheek?

    49347825-lHRpX.jpg49347825-gammM.jpg49347825-QGDpE.jpg49347825-vtEXV.jpg (edited)
  5. Avatar
    these are dreadful
  6. Avatar
    Very poor quality and flimsy... 5 stars
    I enjoyed the reviewer of the product with 'The size is only 13.5cm' in the description who 'expected the item to be bigger.'
  7. Avatar
    Ah, but just think of all the times you've been in the middle of nowhere then suddenly realised 'damn I forgot to file my nails'
    Nothing to worry about with this at hand.
  8. Avatar
    My daughter bought me this tool and for the life of me I can't think what use it is. I have all the tools separately that are far better. I'm not a happy camper or a back woodsman either.
  9. Avatar
    Fake reviews

    Carrying this is illegal, but allowing a police officer to search is your right? If you say no they can't without "GOOD" reason. (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Stop stop stop stop stop! .... Something else I didn't know I needed!
  11. Avatar
    How the hell is this no name multi gadget getting this heat at this price? 🫣
  12. Avatar
    Solution looking for a problem....
  13. Avatar
    12 in 1 ??
    Surely it's a 13 in 1, you're forgetting it's most important function.....the ability to hide in a drawer or cupboard for years.
    Invisibility, like a Klingon Space ship!
  14. Avatar
    'Think most males would love this just to play with on the sofa'

    Makes a change I suppose
    I have another tool for those moments.
  15. Avatar
    So there I am looking at Multi-Tools and up pops this knuckle duster (illegal in UK), described as a Carbon Fiber EDC Pocket Tools Multi Keychain Tool.

    49350920_1.jpgEDIT: Blimey, having looked at that knuckle duster Amazon seem to think I am in the market for all manner of banned weapons as detailed in the offensive weapons act 2019.

    49350920_1.jpg (edited)
    The knuckle duster you posted is a sticker.
  16. Avatar
    I asked my GP why he hits people on the knee with that little rubber headed hammer
    He said "just for kicks"
  17. Avatar
    It's all the wives & dad's that bought it for presents that are reviewing it..... What do you think of the present I bought you? Is only getting 1 reply!!??
  18. Avatar
    Looks scary
  19. Avatar
    There aren't really very good for anything and end up forgotten about at the bottom of a drawer. I used mine once to grip a radiator tail because I couldn't find my grips or any pliers.
  20. Avatar
    a "Multi-tool" only for Multi-tools
  21. Avatar
    Not that handy NO Corkscrew
  22. Avatar
    Was going to get it for the wife for her birthday but it says it's for men!
  23. Avatar
  24. Avatar
    • Subsection 2: This law doesn’t apply to non-locking folding blades measuring under 3 inches. It means that the Victorinox Swiss Army knife your grandpa bought you when you were 12 is fine. However, any knife where the blade can’t simply fold away is not That covers most good knives, as locking is usually an important safety feature.

    : It’s legal to carry an otherwise prohibited article if it’s for work purposes. It’s also legal if it’s part of your religious dress or a national costume. (edited)
    What if i'm trying to wire a plug in the woods ?
  25. Avatar
    whos honestly buying this, infact if you are id be innterested to know reasonns
    Me, campers, DIY's,, your average bloke and psychopaths.
  26. Avatar
    Single use TBH
  27. Avatar
    Insane picture
  28. Avatar
    It's only 15cm length.. even smaller than my hands. . What can I use for ??? (edited)
  29. Avatar
    Yeah I'm tweeting Amazon and the police on that, disgusting
  30. Avatar
    Is it strong