multichef (thermomix wannabe) £149.99 @ Aldi

multichef (thermomix wannabe) £149.99 @ Aldi

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Found 4th Dec 2015
hi this is a multichef ,some functions akin to thermomix
much cheaper ,even than the lidl one on offer earlier in the year
3 yrs guarantee
review here…tml
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Didn't the Dad out of Gremlins invent this?

Didn't the Dad out of Gremlins invent this?

Gone live today.
Might not look very sleek but it could actually be better (and cheaper) than my Lidl "Thermomix".

Aldi 3-year guarantee.
This has a weighing facility (Lidl's doesn't), though its only an external scale - barely an advantage over a separate scale.

If you ever thought about getting a Thermomix, try this for a fraction of the price.

Big pile of boxes of them, but no sign whatsoever of the Serrano ham I went in for (too late!). So some might perhaps consider holding out for a price reduction...
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Are there any of these still around West London? My lidl version just died (returned for refund) and this looks like a good replacement
Seen it reduced to 119 today
anyone got it ,will appreciate a personal review
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Where did you see it?
seen it at 99£ today
I saw this at £99 today too, any good?
£49:99 in Bingham today.

£49:99 in Bingham today.

Thanks for that, I would certainly buy one at that price. Anyone know whether Aldi's prices are the same across the board or could this be store specific?
Ashby 49.99 today
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