Multiple Stephen King's kindle books £1.99 each on Amazon

Multiple Stephen King's kindle books £1.99 each on Amazon

Found 22nd Sep 2017
Multiple books dropped to £1.99 each from a normal price of £5 to £7.

The Shinning…-21




The Stand…-21

Dark Tower 1…-21
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Thanks, Different Seasons reduced as well.
Thanks. The Stand is a masterpiece and a bargain at £1.99!
Thanks. Nabbed The Stand and its audio book which is 4 quid
Bought The Gunslinger (cos it's ace) but the cover won't display in my kindle app... Heat though.
Thanks. I noticed that when you order one book a lot of the others drop to £1.76. I ordered Different Seasons @£1.99 and now its showing up as £1.76 as are the Stand etc.

Not all get the extra reduction but a few more pence to be saved if you are buying more than one.

Heat added.
Shame The Dark Half isn't reduced. I almost named my son Thaddeus based on that book!
Can't wait to read 'The Shinning' - hadn't heard of that one before...
OH MY GOD. Thank you so much, been waiting for the Dark Tower to come down in price, figured it would once the film is out.
Awesome. I was waiting for The Shining to go on sale. I nabbed it and The Stand and the first Dark Tower.
Tempted to get the stand, watched it loads of times so hoping the book gives more insight.
phillgill15 h, 37 m ago

Thanks. Nabbed The Stand and its audio book which is 4 quid

I have an offer of 3 months free trial including 3 free audiobooks including the stand..guess i have no reason to decline now.
This is a special offer to celebrate King's 70th birthday, so if there's anything you want, don't hang around, can't see the deal lasting long.

Read The Stand if you haven't already. It's a masterpiece.
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The Shining,Dark Tower,Carrie have already risen in price.
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All gone back up now except Christine by the looks of it, which I nabbed for £1.76
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