Mum & Dad (dvd) - £7.99 delivered @ ! (Pre-order)

Mum & Dad (dvd) - £7.99 delivered @ ! (Pre-order)

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Found 17th Dec 2008
Cheapest around at the moment ... Due for release on 26/12/2008

Mum & Dad, the impressive debut feature by writer-director Steven Sheil, is one of the most disturbing Brit-shockers to emerge in recent years.

When Lena, a young Polish immigrant working as an office cleaner at Heathrow Airport, misses her last bus home, she accepts an offer of help from friendly co-worker Birdie, who lives nearby with her 'adoptive' parents.

Knocked unconscious after arriving at the house, Lena soon finds herself imprisoned in a suburban House of Horrors, a living nightmare of abuse, torture and murder. Designated a 'Mummy's Girl', Lena's only options appear to be to become part of the family - and join Mum and Dad in their insanity - or die.



good ol family fun movie for xmas then

... it's beyond me.

That is the worst film synopsis ever.

It might be the worst ever, but it's reasonably similar to shenanigans that went on in the Fred and Rose West household.

It's based loosely round the Fred & Rosemary West story. Cracking little film if you're into your horror movies, and it's released on multiple formats (dvd, download, Cinema, VOD, Sky BO) on Dec 26th.
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