Mummy Legends Box Set (5 Disc DVD Boxset): Mummy / Mummy Returns / Scorpion King £4.99 + Free Delivery/5% Voucher Code @ Play
Mummy Legends Box Set (5 Disc DVD Boxset): Mummy / Mummy Returns / Scorpion King £4.99 + Free Delivery/5% Voucher Code @ Play

Mummy Legends Box Set (5 Disc DVD Boxset): Mummy / Mummy Returns / Scorpion King £4.99 + Free Delivery/5% Voucher Code @ Play

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The ultimate in high-energy adventure, these mythical adventures of good vs. evil are non-stop entertainment!

The Mummy: Deep in the Egyptian desert, a handful of people searching for a long-lost treasure have just unearthed a 3,000 year old legacy of terror...

Combining the thrills of a rousing adventure with the suspense of Universal's legendary 1932 horror classic, The Mummy, starring Brendan Fraser, is a true nonstop action epic, filled with dazzling visual effects, top-notch talent and superb storytelling.

The Mummy Returns: Set in 1933, ten years after the events in the first film, Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) is married to Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) and the couple has settled in London raising their 9-year-old son Alex (Freddie Boath).

When a chain of events finds the corpse of Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) resurrected in the British Museum, Imhotep walks the earth determined to fulfill his quest for immortality. But another force has also been set loose, one born of the darkest rituals of ancient Egyptian mysticism and even more powerful than Imhotep. When these forces clash, the fate of the world will hang in the balance, sending the O'Connell's on a mission to save the world and their son before it is too late...

The Scorpion King: In the notorious city of Gomorrah, evil warlord Memnon is determined to lay to waste all the nomadic peoples of the desert. Because the few remaining tribes are virtually powerless against him, they decide to hire a skilled assassin, Mathayus, to eliminate Memnon's most prized asset: the sorceress Cassandra, who lies at the root of Memnon's power. Mathayus's plan, however, is to kidnap Cassandra rather than kill her. He knows if he takes her deep into the desert badlands as his hostage, Memnon and his henchman will stop at nothing to rescue her...

Special Features
The Mummy:
Audio commentary from director Stephen Sommers and Executive Producer Bob Ducsay
Deleted scenes
'Making Of' Featurette: "Building A Better Mummy"
'Visual & Special Effects Formation' featurette
Theatrical trailer
Interactive DVD ROM Options Including Mummy Game Egyptology 201 (Facts About Ancient Egypt)
Production notes
Cast and filmmakers' notes
The Mummy Returns:
Audio commentary from director Stephen Sommers and the cast
'Interview with The Rock' featurette
'Spotlight on Location' featurette
'The Scorpion King' featurette
'Egyptology 2001' featurette
'The Chamber of Doom' featurette
DVD-Rom Features include: Scorpion King footage, visual and special effects formations of Imhotep, the Pygmy Mummies, Anubis Warriors and the Scorpion King
Theatrical trailer
Playstation 2 game trailer
Music Video: 'Forever May Not Be Long Enough'
Production notes
The Scorpion King:
Audio commentary from director Chuck Russell
Audio commentary from leading actor The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)
Alternative versions of key scenes
'I Stand Alone' Godsmack music video
'The Making Of' featurette
Production design
Shooting a fight sequence
The Rock and Michael Clarke Duncan
Costume design
Working with animals
DVD-Rom features

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gonna buy it now


i hate this site its making me spend all my pennies

HOT for Mummy 1 + 2, didn't really like the scorpion king though.

The Mummy is a guilty pleasure for me. Easy watching if you fancy just slouching on the sofa one night and watching a film. Mummy 2 not as good and Scorpion King getting worse.
HOT price thou so voted up

Its actually a good thing Mummy 3 isn't in the box, how awful.

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