Munchies Giant Tube (100g) was £1.00 now 49p @ B&M
Munchies Giant Tube (100g) was £1.00 now 49p @ B&M

Munchies Giant Tube (100g) was £1.00 now 49p @ B&M

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Munchies Giant Tube (100g) was £1.00 now 49p


100g hardly huge lol

got one and a tube of jelly mix.... tootie frooties for a blast to the past!

Hulme (Manchester) has plenty of these for 49p.


100g hardly huge lol

Not if you're only looking at physical size. In terms of cost by weight, 49p per 100g is excellent value and I've been getting fat on B&M's Munchies, Rolos & Milkybar tubes over the past two weeks.

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100g hardly huge lol

​Just marketing spiel


I love a good munchie

Hot added, man these along with Caramac were elite level. Only the privileged few bought them whilst peasants like me got Wham bars, popeye ciggy sticks, fruit salads and black jacks. IF I was super lucky I'd get those golden sweet peanuts or Spanish sweet tobacco. How I would give my left eye brow for those two right now!
I should actually cold this man, it's like someone knows I'm broke as a joke and keeps showing me foods I want, actually the state I'm in right now I'd eat anything. I hate monthly pay, I have to wait till the 17th but when it comes I'm getting 2 happy meals 'cos I'm forever happy no matter what's in my tummy.

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Someone tell Karl Pilkington!
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