Munchkin Latch New-born Starter Set @ Argos for £7.99, was £19.99

Munchkin Latch New-born Starter Set @ Argos for £7.99, was £19.99

Found 16th Jun 2017
he Munchkin LATCH New-born Starter kit is designed to help you with breastfeeding. The Munchkin accordion teat pumps and moves just like the breast, stretching back to your baby's soft palate for a correct latch. This BPA-free Bottle Starter Set has all of the essentials you will need for your new-born baby.

2 x 4oz latch bottles (bpa free).
2 x 8oz latch bottles (bpa free).
4 x stage 1 latch teats (bpa free).
2 x stage 2 latch teats (bpa free).
1 x latch bottle brush.

The accordion-style teat on latch stretches like the breast, helping baby latch easily and correctly. Experts agree that a better latch eases the transition between breast and bottle, and back.
The latch bottle mimics mum by releasing more breast milk as baby pushes against the teats base.
While feeding, the accordion-style teat flexes as baby moves her head. This allows baby to maintain her latch, thus decreasing ingestion of air (colic symptoms).
The one-way, anti-colic valve located at the bottom of the latch bottle allows for breast milk to flow while ensuing air bubbles do not travel through the breast milk.
Since all babies are different, this package includes an assortment of teats that allows you to try different flow rates to best meet your baby's needs.
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Bought this recently, we have a baby with wind problems.

The hospital asked what bottles we used (my wife was combo feeding the baby), showing the feed experts in the hospital they said the bottles were terrible, not the worst they had seen but not far from it.

They recommend cheep Nuk bottles.

The anti-colic valve on these either doesn't work at all, or it leaks. I bought 6 of these bottles and they are all useless.

Can not recommend in any way.
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Fab bottles! These are the only bottles that worked for my little boy. Really high quality unlike the awful MAM ones which are thin and leak.
I've used these for the past 4 months with my baby and they are EXCELLENT. Never have one leak and baby never had problems with trapped wind. If you don't reassemble them properly they probably will leak
Thinking of buying for my niece but mixed reviews... confused
Got a set. Thank OP
Munchkin products always seem hit or miss, we swear by Doc Browns bottles.

Munchkin products always seem hit or miss, we swear by Doc Browns bottles.

​We had Dr Brown with our first, much better than these. More difficult to clean, but are much better for wind.
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