Murder In Mind - (Box Set) (Nine Discs)  Reduced from £74.99 to £36.99

Murder In Mind - (Box Set) (Nine Discs) Reduced from £74.99 to £36.99

Found 9th Oct 2006
Best price I've found for this Box Set.

What is it like to kill? What drives a man or a woman to such extremes? The stories journey through a kaleidoscope of human emotions: anger, hatred, bitterness, remorse, guilt, horror.

In this psychological study of humanity on the edge of an abyss, some of the series' murderers get away with it, some of them don't. Amongst the subject matter is euthanasia, accidental murder, contract killing, revenge and even a sleepwalker who knows she's done something but not what or to whom...

Featuring all 3 series of 'Murder In Mind'.

Series 1:

1. Teacher (Dir. Coky Giedroyc)
2. Flame (Dir. Nick Jones)
3. Motive (Dir. Frank Smith)
4. Mercy (Dir. Ferdinand Fairfax)
5. Vigilante (Dir. Frank Smith)
6. Neighbours (Dir. Ferdinand Fairfax)
7. Sleeper (Dir. David Innes Edwards)

Series 2:

8. Passion (Dir. Gerry Poulson)
9. Disposal (Dir. Frank W. Smith)
10. Rage (Dir. David Innes Edwards)
11. Swan Song (Dir. Frank W. Smith)
12. Flashback (Dir. Ferdinand Fairfax)
13. Victim (Dir. Jeremy Wood)
14. Memories (Dir. Nick Jones)
15. Regrets (Dir. Gerry Poulson)

Series 3:

16. Echoes (Dir. Coky Giedroyc)
17. Favours (Dir. Frank W. Smith)
18. Stalkers (Dir. Gerry Poulson)
19. Suicide (Dir. Sven Amstein)
20. Contract (Dir. Adrian Bean)
21. Landlord
22. Justice
23. Cornershop

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