Murder One - Season 1 And 2 [11 DVD Boxset] £14.97 @ Amazon (Plus Get £2 Credit to Spend on MP3 Downloads)

Murder One - Season 1 And 2 [11 DVD Boxset] £14.97 @ Amazon (Plus Get £2 Credit to Spend on MP3 Downloads)

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Two seasons of the courtroom drama set in Los Angeles. Season 1 spans twenty-two episodes. The main character is Ted Hoffman (played by Daniel Benzali) who begins by successfully representing a young actor called Neil Avedon (played by Jason Gedrick), an actor with a drug problem and a liking for violence. Soon after, a fifteen-year-old girl named Jessica Costello is murdered and detective Arthur Polson (played by Dylan Baker) is assigned to the case.


Season 1 - That was brilliant tv...totally hooked!

How weird - this was on way back in 1996 but just yesterday I remembered it for some reason and was thinking what a great series it was. I remember that broadcast of the final episode was bumped for a couple of weeks because of conflict with the '96 olympics and there was huge uproar about it at the time. I definitely must watch again.


two of the best courtroom series' you will ever see!

Loved this series, absolutely fantastic. Wish it was on BluRay. Heat added.

One of the best TV dramas I've seen. Highly recommended. The twists and turns in this are fabulous

Daniel Benzali's performance in Season 1 is amazing.

As others have said, awesome show. From episode 1 you'll be totally hooked!

Season 2 takes a bit of getting used to - Season 1 set such a high standard . Losing so many of the characters from series one - especially Daniel Benzali - meant it was always going to be a big ask ( seem to recall he wanted too much money , so was dumped).

If I didn`t already have both series I would get this in a heartbeat - persevere with series 2 , it has its own way.
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