Murder, She Wrote - Seasons 1 - 3 [18DVD] £17.89 delivered @ Sendit

Murder, She Wrote - Seasons 1 - 3 [18DVD] £17.89 delivered @ Sendit

Found 2nd Aug 2010
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Emmy award nominee Angela Lansbury is back on the case in the critically acclaimed series Murder, She Wrote. Join Jessica Fletcher, everyone's favourite mystery writer, in Cabot Cove where she pens her whodunit books and keeps finding that her life is imitating her art. Teamed with some of the biggest stars on television, Jessica continues her quest to find the truth even in the murkiest circumstances.

Episode listing:

Season One:
1. Deadly Lady.
2. Birds Of A Feather.
3. Hooray For Homicide.
4. It's A Dog's Life.
5. Lovers And Other Killers.
6. Hit, Run And Homicide.
7. We're Off To Kill The Wizard.
8. Death Takes A Curtain Call.
9. Death Casts A Spell.
10. Capitol Offense.
11. Broadway Malady.
12. Murder To A Jazz Beat.
13. My Johnny Lies Over The Ocean.
14. Paint Me A Murder.
15. Tough Guys Don't Die.
16. Sudden Death.
17. Foothole To Murder.
18. Murder Takes The Buss.
19. Armed Response.
20. Murder At The Oasis.
21. Funeral At Fifty-Mile.

Season Two:
1. Widow, Weep For Me.
2. Joshua Parody Died Here - Possibly.
3. Murder In The Afternoon.
4. School For Scandal.
5. Sing A Song Of Murder.
6. Reflections Of The Mind.
7. A Lady In The Lake.
8. Dead Heat.
9. Jessica Behind Bars.
10. Sticks And Stones.
11. Murder Digs Deep.
12. Murder By Appointment Only.
13. Trial By Error.
14. Keep The Home Fires Burning.
15. Powder Keg.
16. Murder In The Electric Cathedral.
17. One Good Bid Deserves A Murder.
18. If A Body Met A Body.
19. Christopher Bundy - Died On A Sunday.
20. Menace, Anyone?
21. The Perfect Foil.
22. If The Frame Fits.

Season Three:
1. Death Stalks The Big Top, Part 1.
2. Death Stalks The Big Top, Part 2.
3. Unfinished Business.
4. One White Rose For Death.
5. Corned Beef And Carnage.
6. Dead Man's Gold.
7. Deadline For Murder.
8. Magnum On Ice.
9. Obituary For A Dead Anchor.
10. Stage Struck.
11. Night Of The Headless Horseman.
12. The Corpse Flew First Class.
13. Crossed Up.
14. Murder In A Minor Key.
15. The Bottom Line Is Murder.
16. Death Takes A Dive.
17. Simon Says, Color Me Dead.
18. No Laughing Murder.
19. No Accounting For Murder.
20. The Cemetery Vote.
21. The Days Dwindle Down.
22. Murder, She Spoke.

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I know it's 65 hour-long episodes (29p per ep) but it seems quite expensive for something that gets repeated ad-infinitum on BBC1.
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