Murderball (Nominated for Best Documentary Oscar 2005) - £1 @ Poundland (IN-STORE)

Murderball (Nominated for Best Documentary Oscar 2005) - £1 @ Poundland (IN-STORE)

Found 13th Oct 2010
Next best is £3.95 at Base. Nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar.

Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro's Murderball is an inspiring documentary, which proves that physical limitations are no match for the human spirit...

For the determined quadriplegic men who participate in the dangerous sport of "quad rugby", it's more than just a game: it's a chance to prove themselves in a much bigger way. With armored wheelchairs and enough macho energy to overcome any challenge, the players engage in a violently physical game.

Concentrating on the buildup to the 2004 Paralympics in Athens, the film introduces many awe-striking figures - young men who have risen to the challenge of the game time and time again. As the days build to the inevitable showdown between Team USA and Team Canada, Rubin and Shapiro fill the screen with story after story, prodding the audience to swallow their own individual stereotypes and appreciate the efforts of these extraordinary men.


Saw this on a school trip for my media studies course at the BFI, brilliant film! Had some of the guys there from it to, answering Q's!

cold , cos someone might see me in £1shop keep the engine running mwahhhhhahaha
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