Muse Hullabaloo CD and other CD's for £1 in Sainsburys.

Muse Hullabaloo CD and other CD's for £1 in Sainsburys.

Found 24th Aug 2010Made hot 24th Aug 2010
Part of Sainsbury's Entertainment clearout.
Just bought these for £1 each at Leicester Fosse Park Sainsburys.

Muse - Hullabaloo
Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree
Like You Do... Best of The Lightning Seeds
Oasis - Don't Beleive The Truth

They also had:
Eminem - The Slim Shady EP
Kings of Leon - Youth and Young Manhood
Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death

A Coral album, but can't remember which one.

There was plenty of others too, but these were the only ones I could remember.


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oh, they also had "Coldplay - Parachutes" for £1
and "Bat for Lashes - Two Suns" for £3

And Sleepy Hollow DVD £1
(Thornhill Store Cardiff)

blast - just spent a fiver on the hullabaloo cd! but will have to check it out... want parachutes...

Muse's Hullabaloo album is definately one of their best.

Oh what a fantastic price for a fantastic album, Muuseee

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Has anybody noticed on CD2 of Hullabaloo, if you press play, then rewind it, theres 1min55sec of pre-gig build up with Tom Waits' "What's He Building In There" playing to the audience?
I don't know why the CD couldn't have just started there anyway, it makes the gig start so much better.

£1. Seriously, are you debating this. just buy it.
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