MushABellies BOGOF at Tesco's £10

MushABellies BOGOF at Tesco's £10

Found 11th Sep 2008
Found these in Kingston and Bletchley Milton Keynes so may be at all stores

February 2008 - Mushabelllies are adorable new cuddly toys modelled on animals. Each Mushabelly is soft and cute and there is a Mushabelly to suit everyones personality. They are colourful and completely unique. Each Mushabelly has a sound suited to its character that can be heard when it is squeezed.

There are 150 Mushabellies to be collected, each with its own look and sound. Mushabellies come in two sizes and more characters are constantly being developed.

Mushabelly Chatter is a phenomenon that has exploded onto the Internet. Within the packaging of each Mushabelly a unique student pin code can be found. This code allows owners to access the Mushabelly website and interact.

The website is a mini Mushabelly University where all Mushabellies live and study. There is a village, common and even a movie theatre.

Product description

Each Mushabelly character comes with a pin code.

Mushabelly Chatter: This is the first assortment of Mushabellies to come out. Generally it is an animal with a classic sound. i.e. The duck quacks. Or Cat- Meow.

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