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Up to £16 FREE credit for Nokia Music
Found 18th Dec 2009Found 18th Dec 2009
Up to £16 FREE credit for Nokia Music
Hi guys, I have just found out a way to get £16 free on Nokia music. No device required, no credit card required. However you do need to be a PC user. 1) Go to http://www.nokiamus… Read more

nice find


You can re-use (therefore new credit) the codes by creating any number of new accounts. No need to enter a valid email address. BTW, WQLN-WDTM-V4J4-6GZZ has expired. Others still work.


Nokia's Ovi Music software is extremely poor and prone to crashing. What its probably doing, which it does th first time you install and run it, is add your music to its library which it takes HOURS to do and updates you badly on its progress. If you've got lots of music on your PC, leave it to run overnight and come back to it! Its that bad!


not for mac :/


Has anyone got OVI music player to work on Windows 7 ?

Free Christmas Songs
Found 12th Dec 2009Found 12th Dec 2009
Free Christmas Songs
About 20 free Christmas songs available from the Nokia Music Store such as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby etc. When you open the nokia ovi player, click free christmas tunes and a li… Read more
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Checkout thread for extra credit for Nokia Music Store (OVI) if you haven't already done so.


Cheers I,ve found it now. But be careful as I downloaded a full album of Christmas at St Thomas at New York and got charged:santa:


On the home screen can you see the `advertisement panel` at the top where it says with Comes with music, Rhianna exclusive etc. The fourth is Free Christmas Tracks and has a picture of The Ravonettes Free Track. If you click that it should take you to a page with about 20 free songs. Hope you find it! :santa: Also have you downloaded the Nokia Ovi Player? You need that to be able to download it.


I cannot see free Christmmas tunes. Is this because I've already bought some? Help Pls

10+30 free tracks on the nokia music store with the news of the world
Found 22nd Nov 2009Found 22nd Nov 2009
10+30 free tracks on the nokia music store with the news of the world
just join or login to receive £8 credit enough for 10 tracks code is HMCX-L3BS-JKZ6-2KZ2 credit lasts for 28 days update: last weeks code still works as well code is FM2Y-FL34-… Read more

As a service to all members that have not yet gathered all the codes, here is a list that works as at 28 december 2009 (and for historical reasons some of the codes that have just expired.). Summary. WQLN-WDTM-V4J4-6GZZ MJYM-JM2R-DWVQ-6PYG GGP6-XC53-YYFL-PHM6 VLBV-MPBX-XDNQ-F79V DHBQ-2LBM-96Q8-PD9W R7GK-JJ3P-SQG2-2TD8 8S5P-WX57-R83H-7JXY WHRW-LXZ2-NYC7-TJNR The historical source of these are as in the original post below. I originally got to know of this from These codes below are from the MISFITS sponsored episodes online games These credits last longer than the NOTW credits (approx two mnths) supposedly. NOTE. The codes expire after a while but if entered in time the CREDITS they generate last apparently 2 months before they too vanish. EP1: G9NQ-M7PW-HFPY-GTJ7 (not valid as at 27 December 2009) As at 27 december 2009 these tracked in my account OK still. Expect the older episodes to expire as each week goes by. EP2: C4QD-4XFL-VF74-YMKB (now no longer valid as ended as at 31 December 2009 at 19:00) EP3: WQLN-WDTM-V4J4-6GZZ EP4: MJYM-JM2R-DWVQ-6PYG Episode 5:GGP6-XC53-YYFL-PHM6 Episode 6:VLBV-MPBX-XDNQ-F79V Episode 7 (Aftermath):8S5P-WX57-R83H-7JXY ################## DHBQ-2LBM-96Q8-PD9W (on successful loading it says: Thank you for choosing the Promotional 5 tracks package Look for the 'Enjoyed this music?' feature to see recommendations for more great sounds.) ###################### Just added to Moneysavingexpert forum thread and it works WHRW-LXZ2-NYC7-TJNR


Indeed, thanks a lot bikermatt!


More free credit. Great Thanks Bikermatt.


Code for 'MISFITS' episode 4 was made available today. EP4: MJYM-JM2R-DWVQ-6PYG 5 more free downloads for Nokia Music Store with value of £4 for each account created.


I've just joined, but i thought I would add that additional free credit is available from E4 show 'MISFITS' (which is sponsored by Nokia OVI). Five free tracks are available for each show aired(at present three episodes). The codes for the first three episodes are: EP1: G9NQ-M7PW-HFPY-GTJ7 EP2: C4QD-4XFL-VF74-YMKB EP3: WQLN-WDTM-V4J4-6GZZ Codes for future episodes will be available at click button to play game, and when you find the relevant object the codes will be given. These credits last longer than the NOTW credits (approx two mnths), and don't forget they can be entered for each nokia music account you have created. As I said, I'm new to this site so if I've posted to wrong thread or it has been mentioned elsewhere, then I can only apologise.

£12 worth of FREE music with Nokia Music (Equivalent to 15 Tracks)
Found 12th Oct 2009Found 12th Oct 2009
£12 worth of FREE music with Nokia Music (Equivalent to 15 Tracks)
LIMITED OFFER - BE QUICK!!! You've heard about getting 5 free music tracks... You've heard about getting 10 free music tracks... But what about 15? Use the following link to sign… Read more
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i got some nice songs thanks its still working


Figured out why it would work, as you have to enter the same code as the News of the World one that was listed yesterday.


thank you so much for the PIN.. it worked.. i already had an a/c where i had used 2 other pins to get a total credit of 8 quid.. this pin added another 8 to it..!!!!!:thumbsup:


Sorry, the redemption limit for this PIN by your account has been reached on the above code. Looks like run out.


same here I only got £8 still a bonus tho :) thanks

5 FREE Music Tracks From Pepsi/Nokia Music
Found 27th Aug 2009Found 27th Aug 2009
5 FREE Music Tracks From Pepsi/Nokia Music
Get 5 free tracks from Nokia Music Store Just fill out the boxes below to create a Nokia Music account and get your free downloads.