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Blackstar - HT Stage 60 MKII Valve Combo Guitar Amp - £599.99 + 5% Off Totalling £569.05 Delivered @ Musicstreet
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Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Blackstar - HT Stage 60 MKII Valve Combo Guitar Amp - £599.99 + 5% Off Totalling £569.05 Delivered @ Musicstreet£569.05£67916% Free P&P Free
Great price on this at the moment. Spotted an ad for £599.99 and didn't expect the 5% off code to even work on it... It does :D That code is MUSICSTREET for those wondering. Onl… Read more

Great price! Wish i had the dough.


Looks to be live still on this, despite the date stating yesterday - Unexpired for now :)


I actaully saw that when it was too late! I inteneded to post. Music Street seem to have short running promos, but good ones when they're on. I'm relatively new to them, so that's only based on a few weeks worth of checking them out. Will keep an eye though


Apologies - I missed that bit in your post, so wrote my reply, then checked your post again, realised the 5% discount and (I thought) I deleted my post as it was now irrelevant, but I obviously didn't :( It's a good deal and even better at MusicStreet. I was really tempted with last week's offer of the Unity 120 (reduced from 379 to 249 I think) but there is a lack of information and reviews out there about their products, hence these offers I guess, to get products out there and people talking about them.


With the extra 5% discount code? (£569.05) Didn't see it elsewhere at this price? The code should work on anything at MusicStreet, pretty much.

Line 6 Relay G75 Wireless Guitar System £147.25 Delivered Using Code @ MusicStreet
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Line 6 Relay G75 Wireless Guitar System £147.25 Delivered Using Code @ MusicStreet£147.25£1597%
It's been a long time since I've seen a reduction on this to be honest. Andertons held it at £159 for what seems like forever.. Not that it's a bad price, I was just waiting to see… Read more

It's because the g10 uses TRS Jack's to do multiple functions depending on whether its charging or discharging The active electronics particularly semi acoustics use TRS ports on a TS jack to open and close a ground switch (to turn the guitar on and off). It's jsut that the g10 has a TRS jack with no shorts between the three pins, so on the active guitars the ground switch is never closed.


Good point about doing the sound check yourself! However let me correct you, with active guitars, all you need is this small jack adapter, TRS to TS, however your active electronics will discharge the active power source unti you unplug it. Edit: I just read that the adapter didn't work for you. You're right, they don't work on all guitars.


Should be, that got fixed via firmware update some time ago.


Can't see the handiwork behind the dongle too.


I used a tie wrap! Loosened the nut inside, pushed the jack out a bit, thick tie wrap on and snip the end off neatly, re-tightened the nut. Saves un-soldering the whole thing just to stick washers on it. And finding the right size washers with the right diameter hole and total circumference is solid too. Plus when you want to sell it just snip the tie wrap and re-tighten the nut. Again no soldering and the plastic won't damage the finish in the cavity like a washer might. You can use purple flavor tie wraps. Invisible.

Line6 Pod Go Multi Effects Guitar Pedal - £379.05 With voucher at musicstreet
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Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Line6 Pod Go Multi Effects Guitar Pedal - £379.05 With voucher at musicstreet£379.05£3995%
New pod go with helix tones cheapest I can find using voucher STREETWISE Decent price on some new gear. Ordered mine let on Saturday night, shipped first thing this morning. Nic… Read more

Just got one myself so much easier than carrying my 2 x 12 valve combo down the garden and through the house every rehearsal/gig. More versatile too and your average audience member won't tell the difference! If I had a roadie I'd have two 4 x 12 s of course!


It arrived this morning. Just managed to squeeze in half an hour. Seriously impressed. Sounds very good to my ears. Feels a premium bit of kit....


Thanks I'll check it out. (y)

Mankytom This is from the line 6 forum. A very brief discussion of helix which is the big brother of this vs amplitude. I guess it depends what you want to use it for. Ultimately the pedal is portable, has physical switches etc. I suppose what sounds better is subjective...


I'm tempted to get a multiFX pedal again, especially with the amp modelling. I've been using Amplitube for years but not 100% happy with it. How does this rate against the usual software plugins like Amplitube, GTR, GRig5 etc?

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