Mutant MT2200BT USB/SD Bluetooth car stereo £79.99 @ caraudiodirect

Mutant MT2200BT USB/SD Bluetooth car stereo £79.99 @ caraudiodirect

Found 9th Apr 2009
With the Mutant MT2200BT Car Stereo you will achieve a new level of musical freedom at an incredible price. The CD slot not only allows you to play music CDs but also your MP3 and WMA music files on CDR/RW. The front mounted USB port lets you directly connect a USB memory stick or use a USB extension cord and access the files on your PDA, notebook or MP3 player.

You can also enjoy your favourite music collection from an SD/MMC card offering you broad compatibility with many portable MP3 players, handheld devices and mobile phones. If all of this format choice is not enough for you, you can also tune in to the RDS FM/MW radio with 30 presets.
This CD tuner supports both Bluetooth handsfree and audio profiles from your mobile phone. This means that you dont need any additional in-car kits, cradles, wires or headsets. You can manage your phone directly via the CD tuner.

The Mutant MT2200BT offers you all the standard features of a quality car radio, such as a removable front panel, remote control, 4-Way EQ, RCA pre-amp line out and an industry standard ISO connector for easy installation.
Bluetooth Handsfree Facility
Includes Seperate Microphone
A2DP Bluetooth Audio Streaming
Record from Radio/CD
CD / MP3 / WMA / CD-R / CD-RW Playback
USB and SD/MMC Card
18 FM / 12 AM presets
Flip-down detachable panel
Rotary Volume Encoder
DOT-matrix display
Blue Display Backlight
Blue Button Illumination
40 watts x 4 channels Max Power output
Balance / Fader Control
Four-Way Equaliser
2-channels RCA line-out
2-channels RCA line-input
ISO-DIN mounting

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Wiring connection

Many cars now have what's called an 'ISO' connector for the stereo, this is rapidly becoming the industry standard used by the car manufacturers. The ISO connector is used by 99% of all aftermarket car stereos, therefore enabling you to replace your factory fitted stereo by simply unplugging it and plugging in the new one. However, many car manufacturers do not use the ISO connection and therefore your new stereo will not plug straight in. This is where you will require a wiring adaptor. This will convert your cars original wiring plug to an ISO connector, which will then plug straight into your new stereo.

Dashboard fitment

Car stereo's are a standard size, called 'DIN' size. Many cars have a standard DIN size aperture in the dashboard, however in some cars, when the factory fitted stereo is removed a portion of the dash/facia is removed with it. This is where you will require a facia adaptor. This will be shaped to match the original stereo/dashboard but will convert the aperture to DIN size allowing the fitment of any aftermarket car stereo.

Aerial connection

You may also require an aerial adaptor, some cars use a female socket instead of the traditional male plug. The aerial adaptor plugs into your cars female socket and provides a male plug to fit the new stereo.

Speaker fitment

Many car manufacturers now fit speakers that are irregular shapes & sizes, and are moulded to brackets which are designed specifically for that car. Therefore it is impossible to simply unscrew the original speakers and screw in some aftermarket units. This is where you will require speaker adaptors. These are designed exactly the same as your cars original speakers but with a regular round aperture for the speakers to fit into, and with a regular 4 screw hole fixing. You can then fit whatever speakers you wish as long as they are the right size for the adaptors, ie. 10cm, 13cm, 17cm etc. The size of the aperture provided by the speaker adaptors is stated in the product description.
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