Mutant MTPK300 Basspack - 12" Sub In Enclosure + 150w Amplifier + Wiring Kit - £64.99 delivered

Mutant MTPK300 Basspack - 12" Sub In Enclosure + 150w Amplifier + Wiring Kit - £64.99 delivered

Found 4th Apr 2007
Ebuyer Deal of the Day: This Mutant MTPK300 Basspack with 12" Sub In Enclosure + 150w Amplifier + Wiring Kit is now just £64.99 delivered!

12" Subwoofer in a box: Steel Basket * 50oz Magnet * 200 Watt RMS * 600 Watt Max Power * 32Hz - 800Hz Frequency Response * 90db Sensitivity * Polypropylene Cone * 2" Voice Coil

Amplifier: 1 x 150 Watt RMS * 0-6db Variable Super Bass Booster * Full Protection Circuit

Complete Wiring Kit: 5m Red Power Cable with Fuse Holder & 30 Amp Fuse * 1.5m Blue Earth Cable * 5m Phono Cable * 5m Remote Switch Lead * 2m Speaker Cable * Terminals for Speaker Connections
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Thanks for this Cat
Thanks for the extra pic edi
When i saw 12" sub i thought it was a deal for a sandwich at subway? now wheres my pack up lol
this is real rubbish why do u think its so cheap they sell this crap at halfords if u want good sound avoid this amp it gets stinking hot and the sub is no more that 100 w rms save your money and get somthing better there is alwaye good buys on stuff like this try [url][/url] sorry but voted cold
Have to agree with polly. This is cheap for a reason. Save your money and get something better.[SIZE=4]£[COLOR=Red]159.99[/COLOR] Incl VAT[/SIZE] (EU) Saving £39.99

AMP is built into the sub and you will be quite shocked when you hear just how much power this little sub+amp has.
VIBE all the way!
had a vibe amp and it was the best amp i ever had and the sound was great but ive heard bad comments about the subs but the blackbox amps which is what would be powering this i would have another any day of the week its quality stuff and the box on this is a work of art not like that shite mutant stuff i bet the wire that comes with the mutant would set your car on fire ill stick with my kicker stuff how about this 1 at [url][/url] and this is decent kit they use this on pimp my ride and i had a set of there shelf speakers quality kit theres no picture but i found a pic of the sub [IMG]…php?id=2648[/IMG]but check the price the stealth amp uses a 3year old rockford fosgate design and any 1 who know car audio know that rockford fosgate is probably the best ICE you can buy

Audiobahn AW1251SE + AMP2.5 12" DVC (Special Edition) Performer Subwoofer, 800 Watts maximum power (incl Audiobahn Grille), with Stealth 500Watts 2 Channel Amp (bridgeable)
inc VAT
[COLOR="Red"]Was £229.00 [/COLOR]

Detailed description
12" Performer Subwoofer
45oz Strontium Magnat
Power handling: 400 watts RMS
Freq Response: 24Hz - 1KHz
Efficiency: 92.1dB
EPDM Rubber Surround
Molded, Texture injected Poly cone
2" 4 layer ASV Voice coil
Dual 4 ohm
Complete with Grille
Expand your system with Stealth amplifiers. Their options and upgrades are so evolved it may be the only amplifier you'll ever need. Torture tested, Stealth amplifiers are bullet proof against the elements of a harsh reality.
Stealth amplifiers are built using the most advanced components, double epoxy coated PCB boards, high grade audio capacitors, high voltage FETs and newest technology's, such as Tripath chips for the best transition in sound quality and efficiency.
Your guaranteed to be getting one of the best build amplifiers available on the car audio scene
For £64.99 your not gonna get blazin performance, I think most people looking on this site already know this...But 300watts in my eardrums is not gonna do my health any good 20 years down the road

This is a good deal for anyone who wants to add that little bit more depth to there car stereo without spending a fortune or double what the car is worth, which is what seems to be the case most of the time nowadays..

Not everyone has 2 grands worth of Ice in there cars, whereas most do have access to a reasonably decent header unit that this Sub will fit onto and give half decent sound quality...
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