Mx vs ATV Alive (PS3 and 360) £14.85 @ Zavvi

Mx vs ATV Alive (PS3 and 360) £14.85 @ Zavvi

Found 11th Jun 2011
This Motorbike Game has dropped again.

Fairly decent and best price.

Don't forget 3.5% quidco.


Good price but I'll wait, it's not like it'll disappear from the face of the earth, it'll probably be £10 or less when I want it.

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Aye indeed. Games are dropping like flies now.. So many games not enough time to play

Its only cheap because you have to buy most stuff for this from the psn store, its a bare bones game, think alot of games may start to go this way.

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I sincerely hope not. As this model is unsustainable - there's only so many games you will part money for in regards to DLC and they usually end with Call of Duty...

yeh, once i have bought a game thats it for me, dlc is a rip off, in the good old days once you bought the game all updates, extras came as free after, how it should be.

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Aye but now it's getting to the point that DLC is announced months before the game itself is released.. I mean really put it on the disc you greedy ****
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