My Cat - Health & Care - Free (was £0.50) @ Google Play Store
My Cat - Health & Care - Free (was £0.50) @ Google Play Store

My Cat - Health & Care - Free (was £0.50) @ Google Play Store

Something for cats owners.

The "My Cat - Health & Care" app is easy to use and gives you a quick overview of all regular appointments regarding your cat.

You can set recurring tasks such as worming, vaccinations or the application of an anti-tick agent and you will be easily remembered via push messages.

The optional registration offers the possibility of data backup and synchronisation with other smartphones or tablets. So you can also use My Cat with your partner or with other family members.

Furthermore, you can set other important data about your cat, such as name, breed, date of birth and the current weight.
Of course, you can manage several cats at the same time with My Cat. Thus, you will never lose track of your pets. A photo can be added quickly and easily.


anyone got similar for dogs?

thanks x


anyone got similar for dogs?

​Not being a pet owner myself, surely you could still use this for keeping track of your dog's health, unless there's breed selection which gives idea stats etc

thanks. will remind me to worm him which i always forget about.

Handy to have, nice one OP

need to keep those pussies in good shape!

back to 50p now
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