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Posted 8 September 2022

My Cloud Home (Recertified) 20TB (2x10) £ 349.99 @ Western Digital

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The all-new My Cloud Home storage device plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router at home so you can easily save, organize and control all your digital content in one central place and wirelessly access it all from anywhere.

My Cloud Home Duo comes equipped with two hard drives and is set to Mirror Mode (RAID 1), so all your photos, videos, and files are stored on one drive and automatically duplicated onto the second drive for extra peace of mind.

So out-of-the-box, and the safest config, would be ~9.7TB usable.

£ 299.99 for 2x8 (16TB)

The 20Tb version likely has these amazon.co.uk/Wes…PRS
Western Digital More details at Western Digital
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    Said it a few times on recent deals on these, speeds are absolutely dreadful, avoid and get a proper NAS
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    Check the hard dri7
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    That can't be the right picture?
    WD website does appear to show it a bit chonkier:
    Edit - I see what happened - the 2TB model image was grabbed by default. I've updated it to the 20TB one. Thanks

    48188769-aJ8tD.jpg (edited)
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    I have looked these before 16 TB version for £299 then 20 TB was not available when 10 % code was working

    The only issue I found that I already have 4 bay NAS and just wanted to buy as HDD but then think Do i really need that space for what ? movies , games ? my home pictures and video around 5 TB and my NAS now have 16 TB I was thinking increase more but then will be lot of rubbish on NAS wasting space

    If someone do not have NAS not bad buy the only issue with these NAS is that WD software must be installed to access data

    What I found with all NAS is that we keep data for what ever reason , but if say theft stole the NAS with simple push button they reset admin password and they can access to all your photos, important data etc + your lose data as well if not keep second copy somewhere

    QNAP NAS what i have can encrypt HDD volume and after restart NAS need to enter all the time password to access data and if you reset admin password now way you can access data as driver encrypted But I'm talking as worst case scenario where NAS stolen

    My advice if you have NAS buy another 5 TB USB for Backup for most Important data say WD Elements Portable 5TB
    So then if NAS mainboard fail or else you still have another copy on USB because my QNAP now quite old 5 Years
    and still going but mainboard can fail any time and then to recover data need to buy same QNAP for £400

    Plus my NAS with 4 bay using 40-50 W of energy all the time 24 hrs So it is cost as well
    40 x 24 = 960 Nearly 1kw per day So 356 = 356 kw per year x today electricity 0.40/kw say = around £140 to run NAS

    Forgot to say that all NAS advice to have UPS as well for power outs I have in the pas couple WD single bay NAS where HDD fail because of the power out So I got UPS as well extra cost £100 + they use around 10 W power

    So in price wise thinking more cheaper today do backups to USB HDD example WD Elements Portable 5TB for £59
    So in one year time energy cost from my NAS I can have for same money 2 x WD Elements Portable 5TB " RAID"

    Plus how often people accessing NAS at home for home pictures ?

    I know it is good to have NAS for video
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    £299.99 this weekend with £ 50 auto-applied discount, I consider is a good deal for non demanding users