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My Cycle Bike Pump £1 @poundland
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My Cycle Bike Pump £1 @poundland

Posted 26th Jul 2013
I've used this one before from a friend at work found this in poundland and it works a treat. Pumps up really good unlike my last pump that took ages and cost loads.

Anyway I think this is a bargain and the pump is real quality if your looking for a bike pump look no further then here
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Why are you selling your cycle bike pump in poundland?
I've had a few of these from Poundland/ 99p store and they can be hit or miss. Had one that has lasted for ages and others that break on there first use( quit annoying when you are 20 miles from home with a flat tyre).
worth it just for the 2 clips that attach to your bike,i use them to attach my zefal pump
I bet it pumps hardly any air at all. Need a large dual head
would this get my tyres upto 120psi ;-)

Handy for blowing up footballs etc.

worth it just for the 2 clips that attach to your bike,i use them to … worth it just for the 2 clips that attach to your bike,i use them to attach my zefal pump

Agreed, great for the clips but it really won't handle high pressures.... or even work!
What sort of head has this got, cause the ones I saw were the wrong type for normal tyres
They are the car tyre type head. You slide the head onto the valve and then lift the lever to lock it in place. These can be made stronger by gluing the ends to the body of the pump, otherwise they do tend to fall apart. They're ok for emergency use. I keep one on my motorbike (CBR1100) and it was enough to get me home once.
Just a tip for anyone with the thinner 'Presta' type valve on their bikes...you can get a metal adapter for these (avoid the plastic ones...useless) so that any 'car tyre' type pump can be used. These can be bought from Halfords (about a fiver I think), or you can buy something instore in Wilkinson, can't find it on the website. It looks like the red bit in the picture here wilko.com/bik…cle but is sold on its own, about £1.25 I think, and has the Presta adapter on the end. Don't know what it's called sorry! I have several, as always losing them, and think they're great; very useful especially for pumping my tyres up to high pressure with an electric pump operated from the car cigarette lighter.

I wouldn't touch a Poundland pump, picked one up once and it was no use whatsoever, but just wanted to let people know (if they didn't already) that the pumps with only a car/mountain bike fitting can still be used successfully with the adapter.

Not voted, as £1 is clearly cheap but to me it is a pound wasted. I'm always on the lookout for a bargain but I'm afraid this really is false economy.
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