My Cycle Compact Bike Buddy - £1 @ Poundland

My Cycle Compact Bike Buddy - £1 @ Poundland

Found 1st May 2011Made hot 2nd May 2011
Lightweight design and quick and easy to use, this bike buddy is perfect to carry in your rucksack whilst on your bike ride..


Quality is probably bad but for a quid....

its ok if you just need to fix something to get you home i would of thought

A nice bar of chocolate for a pound:p

Quality isnt too shoddy actually. It saved me on a ride 2weeks ago when my dads rear derailer snapped off n got caught up. The rear wheel was stuck so without this it would've been really awkward trying to push it home. Mine came with a velcro pouch too.

Unlike the OP's bicycle pump post, which is basically a rubbish item, even for a £1, this, is actually a very useful item to have, and despite being only a £1, isn't bad quality at all, and likewise mine also came with a handy little pouch to keep it in.So far it's helped me adjust my sons bike, and my front UPVC door!
Heat added!

This isn't actually too bad however I would recommend buying 2 as the bolts that hold it together are loose so need tightening

Better than wasting a tenner in halfords heat from me

I Hope there is a Poundland on every corner of the uk

There is.

I had one of these in my bag for a few weeks....until it spilled out at work. I couldn't believe how many pieces it was made up of!


Poundland rules, although pricing can be confusing
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