My Family: The Complete 1-7 Series Box Set (12 Discs) - now £22.50 delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

My Family: The Complete 1-7 Series Box Set (12 Discs) - now £22.50 delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

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Found 27th Apr 2010
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The complete boxed set of the BBC 1 comedy series My Family where put-upon dentist Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay) is long suffering husband to Susan (Zoe Wannamaker) and father to three very different and often difficult children - nice but dim Nick (Kris Marshall), shopaholic student Janey (Daniela Denby-Ashe) and prodigy Michael (Gabriel Thomson).



One of the most pathetic sitcoms of recent years. I can't imagine who would actually pay to watch it!!!

I thought the first series was a laugh, it went down hill when Janey left and the moronic Phoebe clone became more involved.

Why the hell did they carry on making this show for seven series??? :roll:

I think it was because they bill it as being a family friendly show which fits one of the BBC's quotas...... I think its crud myself

Play have it for £19.99 but it also comes with a voucher that gives you 10% off a vasectomy at your local family planning clinic; a real snip at that price.

After watching this show it could put you off starting a family or even having sex!

It used to be good years ago, but went right down hill in the end.

Can whoever replied to this deal solely to criticise the show kindly ****** off?

When Chris was still there, it was a great show.

Now it's terrible but that doesn't mean people have to rip it and leave it as that.

Price will come down a lot more as no-one will actually buy this sh1te.

I made the big mistake of taking the wife to see this crap being filmed recently (she used to like it, and the lead actors are good - or we used to think they were).

Now she hates it too! The actors hadn't bothered to learn their lines properly, and they had to keep redoing even short 5 minute scenes.

Awful, awful, awful.

Terrible programme thats not the slightest bit amusing.

I wish they had kept on making it. It combined all the most annoying actors on TV in one place, now they are going to spread out an infect other programmes. A thespian AIDS.

Only the lobotomised find this funny. The price above should include £2000 in therapy fees you will undoubtedly require.
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