My Geek Box Subscription Box, Past Mystery Box and Mortal Kombat's Sub Zero Plush

My Geek Box Subscription Box, Past Mystery Box and Mortal Kombat's Sub Zero Plush

Found 28th May 2016
As a comic con deal, My Geek Box is giving away a free past box and a Mezco Sub Zero Plushie with all new subscriptions. Add all three items to the basket then put in the code 2FREEMGS IN the voucher code box. Choose the 2.99 delivery and you will get it delivered free. So 17.99 will get you the plush and the past box delivered in about a week and the new box when it comes out in June. You can select a one month subscription so it shouldn't auto renew, but check in your account section to make sure.

Probably better than the recent Z Box offer because you are sure to get a decent plush and a past box rather than the random creep they the together. Still, they are both run by The Hut group, so it may be a random crap collection. Usually the subscription boxes give you a cool figure, a t shirt and other random stuff.
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I wouldn't bother. had so much trouble when I signed up to geek box. never got a box and they then tried to tell me I hadn't even payed for one so they didn't need to give me a refund. customer service is some of the worst I've seen. I'd advise people to use lootcrate. had 0 issues with them.
Doesn't work for me
Code doesn't work

Code doesn't work

​See comment above
Took a punt. I'm a sucker for tat!
The customer service is dreadful. I cancelled my subscription after the first box, got confirmation on the website, but they still took money from me. When queried, told they didn't have a record of me cancelled. Sent them the screenshot and asked for a refund, only to be told I'd missed the cut off, the box would be sent and I could return it afterwards.

21(!) days later the box arrives. I ask for a returns label, they sent me a receipt. Asked again. Get the label, return the box and get a confirmation email that they now have my box (3 weeks ago). Still no refund and when queried they ask for proof! Send them the screenshot from my confirmation email- they now want a returns receipt!

Avoid like the plague!
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customer service is poor at best...avoid this kaka
Hmm. Wondering if i should not have done this now haha
As mentioned above, lootcrate is fantastic been with them over a year now and zero issues.
wish i hadn't bothered with this, off the back of peoples views i decided to cancel my order. You need to email themand deal with inept CS, I was explicit about wanting to cancel the whole order and subscription, they cancelled the free extras and dispatched the subscription box and left the subscription in place.

I emailed them again specifically about cancelling the subscription and mentioned it was very poor to have cancelled the free extras.

"let me look in to the extras for you"

No subscription cancelled.

Still chasing...
Just got the plush and mystery box. Breaking Bad travel mug, Venom T-Shirt, star wars coloring pencils and flimsy cardboard Darth Vader mask plus a Rogue Trooper comic book and a tiny package of Nerds.
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