My Gym - only £20 at Home bargains
My Gym - only £20 at Home bargains

My Gym - only £20 at Home bargains

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Was at Home Bargains (Caerphilly) yesterday evening and they were selling 'My Gym' for £20. Have heard that these are really good and cheapest I can find online is £40. Could make a good christmas present for someone!

Some reviews:
Consumer Reviews
8 Nov 2007 - Ronnie of Bayern, Germany writes:

I have been using mygym now for 5 months @ 3 times a week. The workout program is brilliant and I am noticing results, especially in my arms. My only gripe is; the red and purple bands have all snapped. I have sent email after email asking if I could purchase these, but have not had a single reply. The spare green bands that come with mygym are no good for the light exercises.

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First day...enjoyed it!
25 Jul 2007 - Zabietta of England, UK writes:

Cons: Not as light as I thought it would be, when you pull the bands the noise is a little loud. Pros: DVD participants seem real and like they're having fun, weights were nice and heavy, good fitness advice mentioned, easier to store than loads of free weights I would recommend this to other people. Definitely for all fitness levels and 4 workouts for good rotation.

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Its's Fab!
17 Apr 2007 - Joanna of England, UK writes:

I love my MyGym, it's easy use, the dvd is good too and i dont have to pay a fortune to go to a gym or find the time! It's easy to store and does not weigh very much so easy to move about. I am using it every other day and hope to see a huge difference after 3 months.

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This really works
18 Mar 2007 - Matt of Texas, USA writes:

Of course i've always been skeptical about this type of product. After buying however, I couldn't believe what this system was capable of. I loved how they incorporated the bands with the fitness step. It comes with a complete chart of many exercises, a dvd that you can work out to, and it is lightweight, as well as, small enough to fit under the bed. It works you and you will feel it. Anyone who thinks different needs to try it. My wife uses this daily and the results have been incredible.

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I love it
23 Oct 2006 - Charles of California, USA writes:

I love the MyGym system. I bought it a few days ago from []. First off, it is really lightweight so i can take it anywhere with me. I travel a lot, so this will be great for me to workout in my hotel room. I am still pretty sore from my first workout on the thing. Good resistance. Overall awesome product and worth the money. =D

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Item is too small
3 Oct 2006 - Suzanna of Oregon, USA writes:

I purchased this item for use by myself and my teenage son. When it arrived we found it was too small for anyone who is not already a light and/or flexible size. It would be good for someone up to about 5' 6" and 160 pounds or less but the platform is too small to accomodate larger bodies. We returned the item.

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Gave me a workout
20 May 2006 - Mikey of Washington, USA writes:

Great machine 1st off it takes very little space. Almost no assembly required all you gotta do is attach the bands, even a monkey can do it. Gave me a great workout. The dvd was surprisingly effective actually got me sweating hard. Only problem I had was the price but still cheaper then a bowflew. Overall I give it a 9 out of 10, u just have to stay focused on using it.

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Good Alternative to Big Machines
11 Apr 2006 - Valerie of Michigan, USA writes:

The MyGym is a good compact weight resistance platform. I bought it because I didn't want to spend the $$ for a Bowflex. Pluses-you can move quickly from exercises, good range of motion, and suprisingly challenging resistance. Minuses-WATCH THE ROLLERS! Anyone with long hair could get in trouble. You also have to watch pulling on the bands...ALWAYS have one foot on top of the box at all times or you'll hit yourself with the thing. The DVD that comes with it is fairly annoying...very bad music, somewhat irritating instructor,but you will get results. If you don't have the $$ or space for a Bowflex or tons of free weights give My Gym a try.

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I don't suppose someone could pick one of these up and post it to me in scotland(i'd cover cost), no home bargains stores up here.
Fancied one of these but not at 40 quid.....great price
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