My Health Coach: Manage Your Weight inc Free Pedometer (Nintendo DS) - £14.99 @ Argos
My Health Coach: Manage Your Weight inc Free Pedometer (Nintendo DS) - £14.99 @ Argos

My Health Coach: Manage Your Weight inc Free Pedometer (Nintendo DS) - £14.99 @ Argos

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Hi this looks to be a good price and I'm tempted to put it on my Christmas list!

Has anyone played this?

The one online review at Argos gave it 5*'s!

Also there are over 5 left to collect at our local Argos - so plenty of stock!

Generally good reviews on Amazon. Downside seems to be that only one person's details can be entered - bit of a shame as it sounds like it would be a good thing to do as a couple. Also a bit Americanised apparently. Nice spot though as the next cheapest iI could find was Asda at £25 delivered.

ordered mine thanks

I have it. It's not bad, shame they treat you like a moron, though. For some odd reason they've decided to have their own "energy currency" (looks like a molecule, 1 = about 50 Cal I think) instead of using normal Calories, so it ends up being more confusing than it should be. Also, as far as I know you can't enter Calories per se, you just feed your character what food you ate, and an average of some sort is estimated (i.e. you feed him a burger or soup, with no real control over what was in either). Why no option to enter Calories manually?

Also there's a strange emphasis on "balance". Why on earth do I want to balance activities and food intake? It's obvious I need to lose a few kg so it should be focusing more on encouraging me to balance in favour of activity vs. food if I want to lose weight. For a program that shows your character growing a small pot belly when you enter your weight (relative to your height), it really should think more about *losing* that weight...

The positive
The pedometer works well, as do the various challenges (put salt shaker away, walk X more steps today, etc). It's certainly a decent Health Coach but in my opinion it would have helped if it were a bit more technical. If you just need something to motivate you then by all means you can't really go wrong, especially at this price, just expect something on the scientific level of the Poo Lady Show (McKeith, is it?) and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

OK, so that means that it doesn't matter if I use the savings to buy chocolate! :w00t:
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