My little Pony canvas shoes - £3.99 @ Argos (C&C)

My little Pony canvas shoes - £3.99 @ Argos (C&C)

LocalFound 11th Sep 2017
Just reserved these for my 3 year old. Saw these priced at £7.99 but glad I waited as they are now only £3.99. Available in sizes 8-11 and yes stock is low but if you are lucky you might be able to find them in your local
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Ordered for my little one - thanks!
Good price not sure if I can get to anywhere with stock yet though. Might have to see if a relative can pick up- thankyou
These are a lovely little shoe for a little girl. My niece had them. But we found that if the sole gets wet/damp they are hazardous on tiles & some wooden floors. No idea of what the sole is made of, kids are clumsy on there feet at the best of times, don't need a helping hand! Her mum Ended up keeping them as a pair of house shoes.
Heat for find in low price though op
Cold. No size available for 6-feet-tall men.
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