My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle castle £10.00 @ Asda instore

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle castle £10.00 @ Asda instore

LocalFound 23rd Jan 2015
This My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle castle was on the shelf at my local Asda reduced from £20 to £10! I thought it was a bargain at that price from £20 and when I've got home and searched it online, I've soon found out it can be anything upto £40 in other stores!! So I think this is a super hot deal! Don't know if other Asda supermarkets will have the same offer but it's worth a look! My daughter absolutely loves it and hasn't left it alone! Amazing value for money!
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You even get a pony included which I have later discovered are £7.99 plus individually! Also other accessories included cute find!
biggest load of rubbish takes hour to build falls apart in seconds cheap though
bought for daughters birthday few days ago also only paid £10 and not even worth that, falls apart constantly just her putting the pony down the side it falls to bits worse buy ever

No way! Not happened once since my little girl has played with it! I built it myself and it took me about 15-20 minutes tops! I was chuffed with it! Especially for £10 i also think the idea of having little keys to unlock the accessories was an added bonus too! My little girl enjoys it and I'm pleased. Each to their own though eh haha
My little girl has this ( I also only paid £10) it is cheaply made, & the pieces do fall apart, but I used a tiny bit of superglue on each part that joins & (touch wood) lol, it seems to have done the trick.
she's played with it numerous times since & it's been fine
Same here about it breaking apart and I bought it for £25!
I am chuffed with it so far, I can honestly say I haven't witnessed the falling apart yet! Lol
I brought my daughter this for Christmas and paid £35!! Really not worth the money but she's played with it and it's not fallen apart
Fumin! Paid £20 for this. My 5 yr old does play with it a fair bit though so if l would say it's worth a tenner
Own this, poor quality falls apart ok for £10
I think I was overly chuffed because I had only paid £10 I wouldn't have paid over £20 for it unless my daughter had specifically asked for it though! Lol I just thought it was a bargain at £10 guys
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As above, paid considerably more than this and it falls apart if you so much add look at it. Don't bother, even at this price.
Some left in hunts cross asda.
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