My Little Pony Wedding Castle £14.99 @ Argos

My Little Pony Wedding Castle £14.99 @ Argos

Found 15th Nov 2013
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Thanks for sharing MrsFy, i’ve added an image to your post.
Thank you :-)
Good offer but really only worth it for the ponies as castle falls apart which is very disappointing, my daughter enjoyed it none the less but we've got rid of the castle now x
Toys are not built like they used to be :-( x
They don't come close! My daughter has some of my own my little ponies from when I was younger and they will last forever!
nice price, and agree, falls apart easily
same price @ Amazon. Have reserved @ Argos and sent the Amazon link to Flubit.
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Cmon men you know you want it WTF
Be a Bronie
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Good price but agree it is built rubbish!
I superglued all the pieces into place as I was so fed up with it falling apart constantly & it's been much better
Only had to re-glue 1 piece so worth a try if ur little one enjoys playing with it
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