My Monopoly Game £7.33 @ Tesco Direct

My Monopoly Game £7.33 @ Tesco Direct

Found 11th Nov 2016Made hot 14th Nov 2016
This looks a good price down from £22 might make a good xmas present for kids.


Not a bad price, available at around the same price from eBay etc... would anyone ever pay £22 !!

good price but bad value for what's in the box imo

This is or not very close to being the worst ever edition of monopoly. To get the best from it you need a printer, head shots of lots of friends/family and even then their is little integration of the use of photos so all a bit pointless to the game. My lad prefers the car version to this and that's dire.

This is junk. Comes down to £3 post-christmas.
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