My Own Morph only £4.90 delivered at Gizoo.

My Own Morph only £4.90 delivered at Gizoo.

Found 26th Sep 2009Made hot 26th Sep 2009
My Own Morph's Best Bits
Make your own Plasticine Morph
Re-pose again and again with non-drying Plasticine
Dress up Morph with five fun accessories
Watch 15 original TV episodes

**Use code 5voucher to get this price**
Voucher expires 30/09/09

Quidco also available at 11%


nice stocking filler

thats this years work secret santa sorted out nice and early lol!

Top deal


Thanks order for son's birthday



Hot from me. Brilliant deal. Thank you.

Found a few sorry efforts...

Home made Morphs look slightly retarded. Especially the one above ^

Good deal though


Home made Morphs look slightly retarded. Especially the one above ^

topbloke77 how could you? Calling Morphs cousins like that, shame on you! :-D

i likes this

simply awesome, great fun present

Those pics are ace... Shaun of the Dead's on tonight as well.

Don't know what made me think of that!!!

Not sure what my morph would look like but excellent nonetheless lol
HnR added

noticed Quidco warning says

This merchant will not pay cashback if a voucher code is used with the order.

Out of stock

Ordered.......Awaiting stock.......Hot though.......:thumbsup:

I used to love Morph! Saw this out last christmas, usually at £10, but some cheeky shops put a £15 price tag on. Thanks

Fantastic childhood memories stuff, ordered mine. Cheers to the OP


Awwww morph!

these were 4.99 in tesco, it aint as easy as it looks on the dvd but i was pretty happy with my effort!


these were 4.99 in tesco...

Today? Yesterday? Last Week? last month? Last year? Perhaps you'd like to enlighten us as to 'WHEN' it was £4.99 in Tesco? :roll:


Hot from me. Brilliant deal. Thank you.Found a few sorry efforts...

he looks brilliant!!

awww i liked morph.....:)

had one of these before , recommended as good fun !

melted into an oily pool when i decided to display him on the car dashboard though
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