MY PET MONSTER  £13.98 @ Ebay/Argos Outlet

MY PET MONSTER £13.98 @ Ebay/Argos Outlet

Found 28th Oct 2010
I am sure i had one of these 25 years ago!!!! retro?

My Pet Monster is your wacky blue furry friend!
Ideal for rough and tumble with a break away chain and soft handcuffs!
Over 50 different phrases!
Batteries are included.
For ages 3 years and over.


I had one of these too, amazed they are still around.

they looked much scarier than this back in the early 90s when i had one

I love this back then,
the original ones were definitely scarier though…jpg

Original Poster

At least i am not going crazy lol


At least i am not going crazy lol

lol, no definitely not going crazy

I had the Football monster one,…jpg

thanks for posting, if nothing else it put a smile on my face
thought about reliving my childhood days by getting my daughter one of these, but she'd run a mile ! lol

I remember seeing the advert on TV for this but I can't remember how old I was, quite young I think! I'm only 25 now!

Ordered many thanks OP, remember the cartoon:…bPY
no neither do I

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