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3 different Sizes of Photo Canvas for £20 EACH (+£5 Postage) @ My Picture
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Three different sizes canvas’ reduced to £20! £5 delivery, free over £45

OK, well you do what you like then. I'm sure your clever enough not need to show how to suck eggs.


The link you sent says ‘After purchase please send us your images by Ebay message’ by the way lol When you do it yourself you get to choose how much you zoom in on the photo and exactly how you want it positioned.


1) then get an account, it's not exactly a dodgy website 2) actually it's normally done via email 3) as per above, in fact, the sellers are professionals (surprised??) they know how to use the print machine to align and colour balance should you need it. I had a 27 image stitch (yes, v big 200mb++ image), I wanted to put on 3 canvas as a pano shot and they were clued up enough to know how to frame it, colour balance etc. Obviously I did colour balance on the screen but they also have to do it on print. V professional for the amount you pay to be honest. Or maybe they put more effort in because it wasn't a typical Facebook crop image... (embarrassed)


1. Some people don’t have ebay 2. You send the image through eBay message so probably wouldn’t be as clear as if u uploaded it yourself 3. You can’t choose the amount of zoom or where you’d like the picture situated on the canvas if you send it to an eBay account lol


Unless there's something special about this company or print quality (say uv, gloss, etc), it's not a good deal. £13-14 here with buy2 get 1 free, that's normal price. With many sellers around. I've use these and another marginally more expensive ones before but never needed to pay £25 for anything around a1-a2 size. Edit: lol on their price promise; 'if you jump through all our hoops for price matching, then we'll give you massive 5% off... Voucher for next time we fleece you!' (y)

Photo books on sale - from £4 + £5 shipping at My Picture
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
I was just looking for a photo book and came across this deal. As many of us staying indoors and having lockdown memories to keep,for those people hope this will a good one . If yo… Read more

Another vote for Colorland via Groupon, just received my two 40 page a4 hardback albums, cost with post was about £18 each. Very pleased with the quality.


Seems expensive to me. I used Groupon/Colorland last year and bought 2 A4 60 page books for £18 less a 30% off coupon that was available at the time. I think postage was about £7.... so about £20 all in for 2 books. Even without the 30% discount they seem cheaper than this deal. There are optional extras that Colorland add on but I didn't take any and the resulting books seemes good to me.


Thought this looked good until I read some of the recent trust pilot reviews. Not sure I will order now.

30cm x 20cm Canvas for £5 delivered with code @ My Picture
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
30 x 20cm canvas for £5 delivered using code HJ69BQMI . Add your photo, select 30x 20cm canvas and then at checkout add code and will discount to £5 including delivery. If you hav… Read more

Update...just got my 100x75cm one (likely came first as I paid for postage on this one/also had tracking) and the quality is pretty good for the size it’s been blown up to. Original photo taken on an iPhone SE. Not the 2020 version. Well happy. Pleased I ordered now. Just waiting for the 2 30x20cm ones I ordered now (the day before I ordered the larger one).


This company it seems is based in germany and delivery so far has been two weeks and counting. No Tracking numbers so cannot see were and when the thing might be deilvered.


Would anyone be willing to upload a photo of their prints? I'm trying to create a Minecraft scene on my sons wall and need around 40 small tiles. The 20x20 from here are £4.50 each but the reviews of the company are terrible. I don't want to spend £200 and be disappointed, particularly as I'm using images of blocks from t'interweb. Thanks


Good to know. Cheers.


Mine arrived today and I can’t complain tbh - the quality is good and the same as other companies. Also the fact it was only £3.72 delivered after cashback is an unbeatable offer!

Spring Sale 85% off @ Photo Canvas Prints from £9.50 Delivered
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
My-Picture have a Spring sale on. This time 85% off. Ordered from them at Christmas and very happy with how it turned out. Get Your Favourite Photo on Canvas Lowest Price in UK -… Read more

From the way they are written I suspect a large percentage of the bad reviews are from rival companies.


Glad to hear it. I never had a problem either


I ordered a personalised pillow and it came looking high quality and arrived in a good time, mixture of reviews though for the company overall as I searched them before ordering


Glad you had a good experience also. Speedy delivery and the canvas turned out great for me 😁


Ordered a canvas from them before, no issues and arrived in good time

Mixpix 20x20 Tile Offers From £5 Each Delivered - Also 6 Tiles For £25 or 12 at £40 @ MyPicture
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Mixpix 20x20 Tile Offers From £5 Each Delivered - Also 6 Tiles For £25 or 12 at £40 @ MyPicture
I really like these, they're 20x20cm per tile and each come with adhesive pads for wall mounting. Prices start at £5 for a single tile, although if you want to make a nice wall mon… Read more

I have ordered these before and they are rubbish quality. Be aware the company is based in Germany and has an awful customer service


Accidently hit minus when in actual fact I think this is great. I got this deal about a month back and we have been really happy with the outcome. I'll get another 12 after seeing this back up again


“Thanks to high-performance adhesive pads, MIXPIX® will stick safely to almost any wall. A lightweight foam core means they can be removed from any reasonably tough surface without damage. Tip: if you’re not sure, test the pads in an inconspicuous spot first to check they’ll leave no residue.” Made of foam


What are these actually made of? Are they just on a wooden board or ceramic tile something else? Doesn't seem to tell you on their site.

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Get a 20x30cm Canvas for £5 delivered @ My Picture
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Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Get a 20x30cm Canvas for £5 delivered @ My Picture
Spotted this code is still working so maybe a good gift for Mothers Day etc. You can get a 30 x 20cm canvas for £5 delivered using code HJ69BQMI. Believe it is one code per use/a… Read more

I just placed an order - it still works!


Not working any more..


Ordered 2. Can't complain with quality. Decent well pleased. You'd pay £5 delivery elsewhere


Just got it today. Happy enough with it. Feels a little blurry considering the super res I uploaded, but it's canvas after all. Gonna look good on my office walls when I order more. Cheers all!


About 10 days in my experience

Leap Day Flash Sale 40x30cm Prints £10 @ My Picture
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Posted 29th FebPosted 29th Feb
Leap Day Flash Sale 40x30cm Prints £10 @ My Picture
Leap Day Flash Sale!Let’s celebrate 29th of February with prices starting from £5

Got mine a few days ago ... and it's massive! Didn't think it would be so big. Quality is very good and therefore well worth the price. Will be looking out for more offers from them in the future.


I ordered few days ago and I got an email saying on it's way.......


Probably the worst company to rely on your order coming


That is a misleading picture.


£5 delivery if spending under £45 by the looks of it so should probably include as it’s not possible to buy this for £10. Not a bad sale if you need a few things to get free postage though!

30cm x 20cm Canvas for £5 delivered with code @ My Picture
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Refreshed 28th FebRefreshed 28th Feb
30cm x 20cm Canvas for £5 delivered with code @ My Picture
Update 1
Offer still working, maybe good for Mothers Day (22nd March)
30 x 20cm canvas for £5 delivered using code HJ69BQMI . Add your photo, select 30x 20cm canvas and then at checkout add code and will discount to £5 including delivery. Maybe a ni… Read more

Still accepting code, but... Trying to pay with PayPal. Goes through to PayPal, then says shopping cart empty with no confirmation.


Yes, but paid with credit card. Credit card pre-auth shows £5. (Which I will monitor). I would log into Paypal to check.


What does the PayPal email show that you received straight after transaction?


Just had an email to say mines ready but showing as PayPal of £34.90 despite showing as £5 when ordered. Anyone else had this?, wondering if they will try and take full amount


Not working anymore

Save up to 80% on Canvas Prints! (40x40/60x30/60x40 £13) (75x50/80x60/90x60 £18) (100x50/100x75/120x80 £24) @ My-Picture (Add £5 Delivered)
241° Expired
Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Save up to 80% on Canvas Prints! (40x40/60x30/60x40 £13) (75x50/80x60/90x60 £18) (100x50/100x75/120x80 £24) @ My-Picture (Add £5 Delivered)
Spend over £40 for free delivery, until midnight only. Amazing colours and sharpness Print your photo onto canvas - in beautiful colours and excellent print quality. At my-picture… Read more

Went for the biggest size and must say it came out great despite being a bit darker in some areas comparing to the original photo.


Had the same issue, my first order was fantastic so I ordered again and like you said faces were too dark and nothing like original such a shame! :(


Thanks OP, just ordered (y)


Used them once, totally messed up the brightness of the photo so you could no longer see my wife's face, as it was too dark. Sent them an email with the original photo and a scan of their canvas attached, which they totally ignored. Won't be using them again.


Ohhh please! (:I

MIXPIX Photo Tiles £5 + £5 delivery @ My Picture
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Posted 10th Dec 2019Posted 10th Dec 2019
MIXPIX Photo Tiles £5 + £5 delivery @ My Picture
Cheaper than mixtiles Stick them on, take them off, repeat! Exceptional definition and colour richness FREE adhesive hanger by Buy 9 and get FREE shipping It’s the newest,… Read more
Print your Photo on Wood from £7.90 + £5 delivery @ My Picture
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Posted 6th Dec 2019Posted 6th Dec 2019
Print your Photo on Wood from £7.90 + £5 delivery @ My Picture
Your Photo on Wood Superb direct printing on a premium wood Subtle wood grain visible for a natural look 10 mm thickness premium plywood Precision milled for fine edges Other… Read more

wondering if these might be good for a bathroom. Although had no issues with a normal canvas in there as of yet.



Where do you get the slate ones from?


I cannot see where to put it anymore I'm sure it was there at the checkout?


Hi where do you put in the code Iam going through check out now and cannot see where to put it thanks

20x30 cm Canvas with frame for £5 delivered @ My Picture
915° Expired
Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
20x30 cm Canvas with frame for £5 delivered @ My Picture
Thanks to RYANdeals for posting this within a previous post. Great christmas present. Simply apply the code HJ69BQMI at checkout after you have selected a 20x30cm (approx 8" x 1… Read more

Not sure why this has been expired?? Code still works, just don't add a frame


I can’t see it anymore unfortunately




With or without frame?


Same one as in original post... it added it for me also. I just had to press apply. In the option where you choose the size it had Free for Friends in an orange box I think.

Get a 20x30cm Canvas for £5 delivered @ My Picture
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Posted 19th Nov 2019Posted 19th Nov 2019
Get a 20x30cm Canvas for £5 delivered @ My Picture
Looks like a good idea for a christmas present. To get the reduced price, simply apply the code MPFREEQ4 at checkout (ensuring you have selected a 20x30cm canvas and you do not a… Read more

This code is no longer valid....


Just use a different email address and should be good. Let me know how you get on.


Code still works - fill your boots.


Have you made sure is the same size one 20x30?


Just ordered one with frame for my daughter but wanted another for her bf. I have tried using frame code with a different email but it says code already used. Is there any way round this please ?

My Picture - free MIXPIX 20x20cm (With Code) @ My Picture - Just Pay £5 Postage
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Posted 16th Nov 2019Posted 16th Nov 2019
My Picture - free MIXPIX 20x20cm (With Code) @ My Picture - Just Pay £5 Postage
Received an email newsletter from My Picture stating you can get a MIXPIX free and just pay £5 for delivery. I uploaded my image and the code was automatically put in. Stic… Read more

Has anyone else received their order. I got mine a couple of days ago and was a bit disappointed. The image quality is great but the top edge on my print hasn't been cut as straight as it should have been. For a fiver it's okay but I won't be ordering again.


the offer is 1 for £5 delivery, or a max of 5 free with 12 ordered.


Thanks for the info. (y)


Tried to order but cart will only allow 12 for 8, unable to click to 1, or 5 etc. have emailed & will post answer...


I received an email back, hope this helps! :) "Thank you for your message. MIXPIX are made of hard foam. Don't hesitate to contact me if any further questions arise! Kind regards Anna Oak Your Service Team"

Get a 30x20cm Canvas £5 + Free delivery @ My-Picture
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Posted 20th Sep 2019Posted 20th Sep 2019
Get a 30x20cm Canvas £5 + Free delivery @ My-Picture
With those on the hunt for gifts, thought this was an ace offer, thought i'd check and it's back again, not sure for how long though! £5 with Free shipping/delivery - How do … Read more

Fair enough. No idea then ;)


Have a load of 20cm x 30cm without frames, so need to find bargain frames.


Add a frame during order. They don't charge for it after code is applied (glitch I suspect?).


Where's the cheapest place to get frames for these canvases?



Personalised 30 x 20cm Canvas £5 Delivered @ My-Picture  - Father's Day Gift?
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Posted 26th Apr 2019Posted 26th Apr 2019
Personalised 30 x 20cm Canvas £5 Delivered @ My-Picture - Father's Day Gift?
Update 1
9/5 - Code is still valid but you have to add the code to the promo box now
Thought this worth re-sharing since the code from @goonertillidie thread HERE is still working & with Father's Day coming up - it would make a fab gift :) I've ordered f… Read more

Thanks, code still working today.


Thanks so much! What a great find (y) :D (angel)


Never is working! Great deal


Not working for me


still working - you need to add code in promo box

82% OFF Huge 120x80cm Canvas Print for only £22 + £5 p&p @
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Posted 26th Apr 2019Posted 26th Apr 2019
82% OFF Huge 120x80cm Canvas Print for only £22 + £5 p&p @
82% OFF Huge 120x80cm Canvas Print for only £22 @ Unsure on postage cost, £5 I think, but still VERY cheap!
My-picture deal: £19 plus £5 postage for 100x75cm canvas
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Posted 10th Apr 2019Posted 10th Apr 2019
My-picture deal: £19 plus £5 postage for 100x75cm canvas
Big discount on a 100x75cm canvas @ my-picture - deal lasts for 3 more days...
Get deal*Get deal*

Dreadful customer service in my unfortunate experience


Good deal mind


Not sure my images are up to this size. They recommend a 5400x3600 image

Canvas prints from £15 plus £5 p&p at My-Picture
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Posted 24th Mar 2019Posted 24th Mar 2019
Canvas prints from £15 plus £5 p&p at My-Picture
Free delivery with orders over £45
Avatardeleted2136697Get deal*Get deal*

Thank you for the input Grantos1. The children are playing a little game of hukd sanctioned trolling. I can only presume they hope that I'm in some small way emotionally invested in a posting? I'm not. I unsubscribed as soon as I saw the pattern. Hopefully someone somewhere got a nice canvas on a wall at a nice price. That will do for me ;) Have a good 1!


Over 100 degrees negative and not one comment to say why?